Feeling a bit sick


dehydration can cause it pal.


It’s genetic. Nothing to be afraid of expect be careful getting up quickly or exercising too hard as you may black out and fall. Means you won’t have complications of high pressure.

Stick the head between your knees if you feel faint.


Telling lies another big cause…


@Brimmer_Bradley make sure that you have showered recently before putting your head between your knees, you dirty unwashed Tipp cunt


Was the second time inside in the Gaelic Grounds on May 20th at about 3.15pm?



Be careful what you say to your gp about blacking out. You don’t want to lose your driving licence


Yeah the Mrs is already kicking up about that.


I’ll have one of the local lads down there revoke that licence now anyway so it’s all equal


Unless it is better than wiping out himself and his family in a head on collision.


Docs will most likely err on the side of caution.


A uniform like you can’t do anything of the sort kid. It’d take a senior officer to make a that call. Don’t be acting the big lad now.


There’s a new sheriff in town. Drew wouldn’t stand for anyone breaking rank.




Imagine if I told my contact within Henry st to have a look at some of the posts here last week when @backinatracksuit was stalked by a uniform. He’d have a lot to say about it I’m sure.
He hates uniforms too, as he says when he rings me looking for someone the most of them pricks couldn’t find a hole in a ladder.


Did you get up suddenly from a chair or bed and get dizzy? A paramedic told me it’s the #1 reason for men conking out.


The couch in the union room fell apart when he was asleep on it.


Went into work this morning and slipped to the tea room for a cuppa with a colleague, sitting there chatting away,I thought the place went a bit white … next I knew there was a few of them picking me up off of the floor, apparently out cold for 4/5 mins. Felt as weak as water and faint until they insisted on A & E an hour later, same thing happened there but I was in a wheelchair and didn’t fall over.


Sounds like you’re a wake cunt


Sounds like you’re a cunt.