Feeling a bit sick


Look after yourself pal.


Did you eat a decent breakfast?


2 x actimels and 4 benson & hedges & 2 mugs of maxwell house before the cuppa tae. …
I’ve just spotted a possible cause now, you’re a genius @KinvarasPassion.


Bowl of porridge instead of the fags might be a start mate


Give up the fags. Happened me one night. Hadn’t eaten a lot. Got up off the chair to go to the jacks. Got dizzy, went down on my knees. Stood up and keeled over. Was out for a couple of minutes. Did all the checks after, was grand.


Pull yourself together you fucking cunt.


That is fuckin disgusting. No wonder he’s half dead. Maxwell house, Jesus.


Do roasters still drink maxwell house? Christ…


He likes a cup after his crispy pancakes.


And back for a couple of pop tarts after his morning horror shit no doubt.


Had a dicky tummy last night… Felt like puking at the end of soccer and that feeling stayed all night but I never puked. The vomiting bug is flying around, there’s no way you’d stave that off if you got it is there? Feeling a bit better today but haven’t eaten since 3pm yesterday and don’t feel like eating…


Have a mug of Maxwell house and two fags.Youll be flying it in no time.


I’m totally fucked here, spent Monday evening in St. Vincent’s A&E and again all day yesterday on a trolley.

Presented first on Monday with a hive like rash on various parts of my body, went in cause my lip started swelling and was wary of the airway. They gave me a prescription for antihistamines and sent me home, the cunts.

Got out of the bed the next morning and passed out with 20 seconds, Mrs Fran nearly had a heart attack. Ambulance called and back to St. Vincent’s. Got a shot of cortisone which perked me up for a while. All bloods were fine so they don’t really have a clue of the cause, probably a virus of some sorts.

Woke up this morning fucked again, rashes appearing all over the place. I went for a shit earlier and thought I was going to die. FML right now


Have you been reading the tank in Brazil thread? I’d say you’ve the Zika virus


Go Private?


All the symptoms of boneus eruptus



Sorry to hear that mate.

You back in hospital again or did they send you home a second time?


I’m at home now, the folks called up with food to beat the band


I met a fella earlier and he told me he was driving home from Galway to dublin at weekend. He felt a bit queasy and asked the wife to drive. He got out to go around to passenger seat and was KOd on ground before he made it. Just went out like a light. Ambulance job. They left him home that evening as well but he wasnt in the better of it.

Sounds similar


Go private Fran.