Feeling a bit sick


Best wishes for a speedy recovery @Fran.


Have the symptoms gone?


Any chance your ferritin levels are too low? Would be Ironic.


There is a world of shit like this going round at the moment. Couple of people I know have got shingles. Number of different strains of viruses.


Human Immunodeficiency Virus


Hope you get better soon fran.


@fran that sounds like a nasty bastard of a yoke, don’t fuck about with it, don’t let them fob you off. Get it looked into properly.


Come and go


Hope you get better soon horse


Have you been hanging round @HBV?


Something similar happened me with cellulitis. Was sent home twice with steroids. Ended up admitted for 10 days hooked up to an IV.

Go see your GP and go private if you’re covered.


I beg your pardon?


Sounds like you’ve been bitten by a spider or something @Fran , hope you make a speedy recovery mate.


Typical Aussie, blames it on a fucking spider.


Allergy of some kind Fran?

I had something like that as a kid.

Any foods, chemicals, cleaning products recently introduced to your day?


cop on and get to AE in a private hospital
it is not a virus
i would imagine you have a parasite living in your body - you are now a host for an intestinal worm of some species and it is laying eggs under your skin


You’ve been begging pardon 4 times today


To be fair he never promised you a rose garden


People always say that Vincents is a great hospital but I just don’t see it. I imagine they have some top class care in plenty of treatments but the general A&E and wards are shite. I thought St James Hospital was of a better standard when I was visiting a family member over an extended period before. I guess it’s some perception linked to it’s location.

There are no options for private if you have to go out of hours to A&E but I’d avoid if at all possible.


Get well soon, buddy.