Feeling a bit sick


Is Mre Fran alright now @Fran. It must have been very worrying for her.


What they actually mean is that the A&E is full of nice people and not stuffed with the gurriers you get in Jameses or the prisoners recovering from a fight and handcuffed to a prison officer you get in the Mater.


we had an incident with one of the kids a couple of years back. needed small bit of surgery but very quickly. we were in Waterford hospital and they were referring us to Vincents as they had the best specialist team in the public sector. a call was made to them late at night and they were to revert to us the following day. We needed action quickly, so we made contact about going private the next morning. One of the best surgeons was in the beacon the following day and they told us to get going up to them, they’d fit us in and that to sort out insurance details on the journey up. All sorted, quickly, hassle free and home that evening. Later on, we got a call from Vincents about scheduling an appointment the following week.

I dont know if that is more of an issue with Vincents or just public versus private healthcare. Just emphasised the point though that paying the premium on insurance is worth it when you end up in an emergency situation that needs resolving quickly.


actually fran,

seeing as youre in DL, and if you don’t have private, head to michaels. infinitely less busy than vincents and much better care


I think it’s imperative to have private health insurance in this country, but I equally know it’s not affordable for everyone. I reckon it’s even more critical when you have children or childeren as @HBV might say.


You would still get a fair few drunkards in Vincents. You don’t get the heroin addicts though tbf. When I say I thought the SJH A&E was better than includes having a heroin addict wailing and getting sick in a corner bed. In Vincents the last time I just thought the care was shocking, it took several hours to get a pain killer for my relative.


Vincents can be chaotic in terms of communication. That’s my big issue with them, some of the very basic things in there I’ve seen were very poor.

Vincents have some excellent staff and consultants absolutely, and people say University hospitals are often of a higher standard than private for many types of care, but there is a black hole there in terms of basic care. I guess that is part and parcel of being a State organ sometimes.


Be thankful you aren’t in Tallaght hospital.

I dislocated my knee cap playing a match near Marley Park while the Marley Park concert was on. The ambulance went to Tallaght.

I was on a trolley for 4 hours with my knee facing in the wrong direction, surrounded by junkies tweaking out and fellas absolutely out of their minds.

A doctor came by and took a look and said he’d come back with some gas for the pain. He came back an hour later and said they had no gas or pain killers and I’d just have to get it set back in.

Third world shit.


Hopefully you’re feeling better @fran. I don’t see any advantage in going private in your particular case.


That’s because the nuns are gone out of it.


I saw that happen to a player in a game last year. His screams of pain were the worst I have ever heard. I shudder to even think of it.

However both teams had physios present and one had a doctor. They sorted him out in 10 minutes on the pitch and he managed to walk off.


I can’t remember any pain. I just knew it was bad. The lads covered my leg with a few jerseys so I couldn’t see it. I was 45 minutes lying on the pitch waiting for an ambulance.


Done it.

It’s excruciating when it’s out but not really a bother when it’s put back in. Mint was out for 45 minutes until the ambulance arrived, as the paramedics put the knee into the splint it popped right back in.

It’s like the worst kind of cramp x10 that doesn’t go away, unless you have the right people near you.


Mine didn’t pop back in unfortunately and 5/6 hours after being out of place, the knee cap must have liked it’s new location because it hurt like a bastard when it went back in. It was a short sharp pain and as you said the weird dull ache of it being out went fairly quickly after. It was some relief.


A brother of mine was involved in a Friday night car crash a while back. Doctor came to see him on the Saturday and reckoned he would need plastic surgery but it would be a few days before a consultant would be in to see him. My mother uttered something about “no point having health insurance”. Once they realised he had private health insurance the consultant was in for a look within a few hours and the surgery was completed on the Monday.


Back in Vincent’s this morning as I was having trouble breathing at different stages last night. Gave me a prescription for steroids so hopefully that will sort that out. In fairness to them they seemed good if a little inexperienced, the consultant I spoke to was excellent. Mrs. Fran was pushing his buttons and he was more than happy to listen to her and answer any further queries.

I think @Tim_Riggins has a point about the communication though


Get well soon pal.


Fran, you’ve presented with symptoms that including passing out, rashes and now difficulty breathing and each time they’ve given you a steroid and sent you away home?

Have you got an answer as to what it is?

For fuck sake would you string a cunt up by the neck and get looked after


Get well Fran


like I said earlier, get yourself into michaels