Feeling a bit sick


Have they not given you steroids already? Have blood test results not come back yet?

Hope the steroids sort you as breathing difficulties is scary.


I wonder is it Novichok Fran? Were you pricked by an umbrella recently?


It’s definitely a nerve agent, in my view.


They don’t know what is is and it’s very difficult for them to establish the cause, they were leaning towards viral infection




Bloods are all fine


Appreciate the advice art, just thought it better to keep the continuity on this occasion


Have you been drinking out of a wet glass?


no worries, just FYI as well, michaels and vincents are linked so they should be able to access your medical history from vincents.


Sitting here in silence in Mrs KPs pink dressing gown and the steam from a hot lemsip (2 sachets job) rising a few inches in front of my fevered forehead. Every fucking bone in my middle aged body is sore and I can feel the under sized garment cut into my arms and neck.

Biggest mistake… Upgrading to 8 hours sleep from December 15th onwards. It weakens the body lads.

A few days to reset the mitochondria and I’ll be back at it on the early risers thread again.

Meanwhile I have caught my reflection in a window to my left and I am bearing an uncanny resemblance to Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, Huzzah!


Fool. 3tsp of turmeric, 3 tsp of cayenne pepper, some honey or brown sugar in a cup of v hot milk. You’ll be grand in the morning


Look, I’ll knock my ‘annual feeling sorry for myself day’ out of this and lie in bed watching horse racing and old movies tomorrow , don’t deny me that.

I’ll chance your quackery tomorrow night.


Throw in a shot or two of baileys


Two shots of whiskey and a Lemon impaled with cloves and a lemsip.
Stupid bastard.


Don’t forget to snort some cayenne pepper.


I’m just off my seventh night in a row of moderate to heavy drinking (4 pints and half a bottle of rioja last night)
I’m supposed to be going for a business lunch today and I’m fucked, and fucked utterly.
Fuck this drinking lark anyway.
I’m done.


It’s a mugs game flatty


I’m tooling up now for 4 night’s of it.


Take a few days off from it.


You live in Ireland, that’s just starting.