Feeling a bit sick


I’m supposed to be, but I’m done.


Go for a walk down the fields.


First time ever I took the flu jab this year… Not so much as a sniffle … We’ll see how good it really is in a few weeks as the immune system is on the floor from all the atin and drinking.


I went fairly heavy Christmas Eve, light Christmas Day, Stephens day about 9 beers and a bottle of Chilean Cab Sav, last night 1 solitary glass of red with dinner.
I’m gagging for traip tonight.


I’m off for a run


Run done. On the bus into town. Overwhelming feeling of impending doom is breathing down my neck.


You remind me of a young lad going into school Monday morning, not having been arsed to do his homework. First class double maths and the teacher after been on a bender all weekend just looking for an excuse.


There’s a lot of foreign money about


Imagine if this was all happening in Limerick mate? Be thankful for small mercies.


Serious amount of Russian money


The building going on a Manchester at the moment is off the scale .


Ester C pal. 1000mg every hour for the next 12 hours. Then every 3 hours. Then once a day as a prophylactic.

Myself and @The_Selfish_Giant have not had a cold or upper respiratory infection in close to a decade now.


Two pints there with lunch. Right as rain now (slightly dizzy only)


Would the English still have a couple of pints at lunch time during the working week Flatty?


Dunno bud. Doubt it tbh. My colleagues twisted my arm gently and I showed the belly as usual.


You’re a weak, weak man.


I am. I know it. But I’m a perkier weak weak man than I was.


Heading out for my first Hints of the festive period.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


Just tell her what you want. Women respect honesty


In the City yes.