First Dates Ireland


Surely the feminazis should be outraged at the notion of a man assuming or demanding he pays fo r dinner on a first date?


Should still pay though. Better a sexist than a miser


And still got the shift in Dicey’s. :clap::clap::clap:


Exactly. A lad with good intentions becomes sexist in the space of a minute


Chivalry is dead


This notion that a man pays was originally based on the lady not having much money and in later times him getting a bit of slap and tickle out of it in return. Chivalry was only ever the patronising of women.
The man being expected to use his money while she smiles and looks on coyly is a totally archaic agreement that is laughable in the current era of equality and girl power.


Cc @The_Selfish_Giant


That first episode is snowflake central with a junkie thrown in for good measure. Plus I thought that cunt of a barman didn’t drink…


He didnt drink the whiskey. He just put it to his lips.


Ah, fair enough. Was feeding the baba at the time


There’s a Laois guy from Camross on this tonight, a hurling referee in the county, alright sort, despite him FF leanings… His date Tara has a pretty tough backstory by all accounts.


How twee


There’s nothing twee about her story mate but I’ll leave you off due to your ignorance. @dodgy_keeper will be along to give you a like shortly.


Fuck sake, there isn’t a cunt in that shithole of a county that you don’t claim to know


Back off buddy. There’s nothing wrong with being friendly and outgoing in the real world.




What a bizarre rant. Amazing that a man that played the game could know a referee in a small county.


They are all family shure.


Classic small county syndrome here from @myboyblue.


The Croat needs a new suit