First Dates Ireland


25% of the population is gay, apparently


And full of their own shite


Turned on to this just now and surprise suprise, a pair of quares


Blondey auld one is gamey out.


Put the yank bird with the coloured bloke


She’s drinking pints :thinking:


Are these the most stereotypical queers ever


Like, yeah, like


Ye, you’d love to meet the like of her in the hotel bar when your above in Belfast for the night on business


Two good roasters here . Hurling will do the trick .


This larger lady is very pretty. She’d be a stunner if three stone less.


Mayo man his getting the herbie hide tonight


Thats a lovely young wholesome American lady


If the dark chap went to mass he’d have received the body of Christ.


This fella from Laois a bit of a boyo, I could imagine him as a sort of del boy selling used cars.


Easily swayed on the Field I’d say.


The laois bogger is an awful simpleton, getting excited his date likes Spud hockey


The “genuinity” of Sarah from Longford’s geographical ignorance was genuine.


Yer man is squirming now. That’s an awful story for her.


She is saving western society from terrorism and that is reassuring . I will sleep easy tonight .