Fitness XL- Your training routine


Snap. My second kilometre ended up a bit of a gut-buster so I needed to row back for 3 and 4, but I was able to give it welly for the last leg. Hoping for more consistency on the next run but happy enough with that.


I did 10k cross country on Stephens day at a fairly comfortable pace (53 mins) Wore old runners as I knew they’d get filthy, but was re-motivated enough by not having sore knees after that I bought some cross country runners (first run in two years bar the odd park run with the kids)
Three days later did the same in 51 mins. Felt quite a bit harder, but knees still fine. Stupidly, I slid around in the same old runners as I didn’t want to get my new cross country ones dirty.


Haven’t run for the last 6 months with a hamstring tendon issue. Slowly building it back up now though with 3 min jog, 1 min walk intervals. Can’t wait to be able to run without issue again


First run to top of Keeper Hill this morning since last March. Beautiful, if cold, day. A nice 17km jog. You’d want your head examined to be running roads this time of the year (cc @Tassotti)


24:23 this morning. We’ll get there.


I did a fartlek session yesterday evening. No times recorded just a 1.5 mile circuit where I varied pace at different intervals. A 4 miler on the books for tomorrow.


Cc @Bandage


Into the gym this morning. Did my weights circuit. I was a bit time-pressed then so did a 2,000m row in 7:45. The rowing is something else to absolutely empty you in less than 10 mins


2k in under 8 minutes after a full session is good going. Did you row at some stage? Most of the time you’d see lads on a rowing machine in a gym they are doing shameful shit to it.


4m/6.5k - 32 mins

Getting there.


23:45, grand morning for it.


do you run on your own?


Sometimes. I had someone with me this morning. It’s a great 5k, loads of hills and dips and goes along by the estuary for a stretch so there can be a serious headwind


any parkruns near you? you’d see that time improve if you went along if you had the time


There are two within reach but the Saturday morning time doesn’t suit. I’ve literally only done the 3 runs posted above, one a week, so happy with improvements.


Cunt of a morning up here so chickened out of it. Great time.


The grand morning was tongue in cheek, it was fuckin miserable :smile:


5km trots should really be documented in the pretend fitness thread, @TreatyStones. This thread is more for shapers to talk about Hungarian snatch drops, Belgian dead flings and irate Romanian swing lift jabs.


Bracing this morning!


5k - 23.15 - Galway racecourse