Fitness XL- Your training routine


Should that not be 3m1f


The roar of the pretend crowd really drove me on along with the pretend lashes of Ninas whip.


5K in 21:30 this morning. Treadmill varying speed up and down but never lower than 12 km/h. Topped out at 15.5 Km/h for 500m

Delighted now - it’ll allow me to enjoy my pints later after attending a prime hurling league fixture (befuddling @ChocolateMice who seems to want to paint me as some sort of West-Brit Tory boy when in fact I’m a modern Gaelic renaissance man)


I know who you are bro…a die hard FF man. It’s your hatred of SF that lets you down…

Thats a decent time by the by.


A jaysis - I’m def not a FF man. I’m horrified here that I’ve given you that impression. I need to undergo some serious self-examination on my e-persona now if intelligent posters like yourself can assume that.


Multiple your time by about 1.15 for the reality of that time.

This is the XL thread ffs


Because of the treadmill?



Your exertion, ground forces and output would be approx 85% of what you would do out on a road doing that exact pace


Hmm. That would equate to a 25:20 time under that equation. I’m well used to a 5 min/km pace on the road and a 25 min 5 k time. This was definitely a step up effort wise from that.


There are other factors though when outside.
Nature, traffic, surface can all have an effect.
You may be better up a hill. You may run a corner more efficiently.

The emotional well being of being outside can definitely add speed. Enthusiasm is a powerful fuel.

The monotony may make it mentally harder on treadmill.

Effort perception is non-linear


Lads, I’m in an awful way… No training since I got the dog… Getting up pissing him at around 3am and back up with him at 7. Playing 1 x 6 aside and 1 x 10 a side…but eating wrong because I’m tired… Usually bed at 12.30/1… grand normally but three weeks of broken sleep takes its toll. How do the super dads squeeze in some gym time?


They get educated.

And they take time for themselves.

You won’t be given time


Educate me… I could buy bands and do a bit of resistance and body weight stuff at home… But I like getting out to the gym… Couple of months and he will be able to hold his bladder and get out for semi decent walks… Just, you know yourself, once you go over 35 it’s very easy see a few lbs creep on…but yeah, cut out the shit eating and I’ll stay relatively fine.


But moderate and heavy Kettlebells

Then PM me once you have them.

I own a gym and I do most of my training elsewhere. I get what you mean


You’re nearly as fit as @bandage so :smiley:


I can only aspire!


Tom Brady makes time for his family job exercise and diet. Be more like Tom.


I have incorporated 2-3 minutes of planking into my daily fitness regime, the changes in me are incredible, I can feel my abs and my posture has become unreal


who is Tom Brady? sounds like a Monaghan bogballer