Fitness XL- Your training routine


Lift from the lower back in a twisting jerking motion, got it.



What advantage has the hex bar over conventional deads?

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If you only knew the joker you’re referencing :smile:


Box jumps are great - and there’s some merit in box squats… I’m not sure about the rest.


I was thinking he was from your neck of the woods


Alot if you have a dodgy low back or are too tall (and don’t have blocks). Less hamstrings used in Hex, more back. You can do Hex squat or hinge or hybrid.

Its just a random collection of exercises and heavy lifting is not right or needed for everyone and certainly would beed to be underpinned by alot more.

Bird dogs and deadbugs will helo a novice. Where as be only a warm up for an experienced player.

They are all valuable exercises


Hardly much point in doing box jumps after heavy lifting, be more a conditioning exercise at that stage I would have thought


Have taken charge of our under 6s athletic development. All basic stuff teaching them to run - the
New York road runners site has some really good ideas on drills for that.

Next year we’ll get them into Olympic Lifts and dominate teams in Go Games with our physicality in 2020.

But for now I just want them to ease them in slowly and enjoy their football


First thing i saw on that site is that stretching helps solve muscle imbalances.

Stay clear.

If kids get enough free play and intelligent games to improve FMS then they do not need specific biomechanical training


You have to pick and choose but the youngest section has some good basics on movement and getting kids used to their bodies and how they move.

Toe tag is a great game to play for agility and foot speed.


That sounds very interesting.


Some good stuff but also loads of dated stuff.

In terms of structured compound movements or biomechanics teach them

A Skips
B Skips
Falling acceperations to deceleration &Stop
Landing double & single
Lateral Jump & stick
Broad Jumps
Belly sprints

Teach them the above really well and it will make a huge difference.

The rest would be looked after playing sport and games, like tag and various dodging and agility games.

Use animal moves then to change up for a while and body control.


Did my first bit of exercise in 3 months today. 5k in 25 minutes. It’s a long back from there.


It’s much harder to regain fitness as you get older. Getting old sucks.


Fantastic running. :clap:


I did 3k in 19 mins yesterday, it’s a long way back alright


Great stuff

Very impressed


go up to up to the parkrun in oranmore every Saturday if you can, it will change your life in ways you never thought possible,its about more than the run, it is about bringing people together, sharing experiences, being active, in the great outdoors. It will have a profound effect on your health and happiness


5k - 26 mins