Fitness XL- Your training routine


how many pull ups can you do mate? to failure


Pulls around 9
Chins about 12


Run with the buggy / dog lead around your waist


You need ready meals


I’m watching Functional Fitness here on Netflix, I need to get involved in this crossfit thing. it looks unreal @caoimhaoin


I just got up off the couch this morning and decided to knock out a 3k run before breakfast. 12:40, happy enough with that. Training time has been limited lately.


the bodies on the women are unreal


great pace.


I see a fella I was friendly with a good few years back has gotten married to a bird he met at Crossfit. @caoimhaoin


Roads were very wet after last nights rain, there’s something exhilarating about leaping over a puddle as you run full pace.


I’m thinking you could met a woman at this thing


I had a few beers Friday night and got up at 9 a little seedy. Had a coffee and a banana went for a 2 hour cycle and felt great again. Hit the gym for an hour early evening. Great to get going again with a hangover, fear = none


That’s quite common.

So are marriage and relationship break ups from it


@caoimhaoin I have persistent pain in my distal biceps tendon for couple of months now. First became a problem in mid-December. I did no weights for 2 weeks either side of christmas and assumed it would recover but nothing doing. Over the past 4-6 weeks I haven’t done any bicep-focused exercises, benching, nor any pull or overheard exercises likely to aggravate it. I still deadlift and do t-bar rows and the like because they don’t seem to cause any discomfort.

Any ideas on what it might be? From what I’ve read it seems like it might be scar tissue build-up that needs a physio to work it out, but I have no idea really.


I would say you have to look broadly.

Lifestyle? Sitting?
Grip strength or lack of?
Wrist mobility (can you do clean grip w/comfort?)
Shoulder structure

Arguably worked biceps to a point of strength and tension that’s structures either side could not support.

Give me a description of pain exactly and scale 1-10.
Do a bicep curl with tension against your own opposite arm. Is it isometrically sore (midpoint) eccentrically (lowering) or Concentric ally (raising)??

Come back to me then


It was mainly because there’s a history of hip problems on my mother’s side of the family and it seemed stupid to keep neglecting them. But I thought it might improve my lateral stability as well and it definitely has. I have done about 6 weeks of just 8-12 sets of some hip abductor exercise and I can feel the difference in my squat. Always seems to be worthwhile investing some time in your stabilisers.



Multi directional lunging should be in any program.
Loaded lateral, reverse and walking.

Then body weight transverse and jumps and hops


Grip strength is ok I think. Have experienced wrist discomfort in the past but nothing like that recently. Pain is at the midpoint in a curl, but it’s also quite bad in overhead lifts. For anything OH, a wider grip eases it, as does moving the line of the bar an inch or two backwards.

It’s weird with rows. In general anything with a knuckles down grip hurts. But if I do cable rows with a v-handle, for example, it gets painful within one set. On the other hand I can do t-bar rows with a v-handle and I don’t feel any acute pain at all.

Hard to describe the pain. It’s like a persistent ache that isn’t acute pain until I try to work with it. I’d say it intensifies in a similar way to fatigue pain when you’re working a muscle. But it doesn’t take any sort of work for it to become painful either. Maintaining a crooked arm position for anything, like holding a phone to my ear, becomes too painful inside a minute.


Have you tried sticking your thumb up your arse?


Doesn’t make things any worse but doesn’t help much either