Fitness XL- Your training routine


Sounds like a bit of inflammation.

The description you describe sounds like at high tension (isometric/change of direction) there is some pain.

But “breaking down” something like that may cause more harm than good.

Can you do Bottom up KB Presses?
And Isometric Chins? (Hold top position for Max)

Try those 2
That will answer answer few questions.

Do you sit for answer living?
Write/type alot?


By inflammation are we talking tendonitis? And if so would pharmaceuticals help? Or is deep tissue massage the only way to go?

I don’t use kb’s but holding at the top of a chin-up isn’t that bad. As you say it’s more movement/change of direction that causes severe pain. Not doing any chin/pull-ups now because after one set it gets to the level of pain that’s stupid to work through.

Yeah I do spend a lot of time working on the laptop. Would that contribute to it?


If its scar tissue build up you are wasting your time going to physio. Make an appointment with paddy leahy in laser centre in dublin.

May take 3 months for an appointment but well worth it.


Ya it’s most likely a chronic problem and office work a contributing factor.

You are likely over using or u derstand using muscle along the chain. Most likely rear shoulder. So then there is an over load and a weak spot.

I would Consider trying high rep light weights.

Not going to say much about tendinitis. A physio needs to diagnose that but also it’s a lose ly tossed around term and is often not really what’s going on.

Try this and see how you go as a warm up

1.1/2 kneeling Bottom up KB Press x Max
2.Eccentric Banded Bicep Curls (negatives/real slow back) x minimum 12 but to fatigue
3.Eccentric Face Pulls (band or cable) minimum 12 but to fatigue


Thanks for the advice kev. Maybe it’s rear delts. I think I’ll get a physio to have a look at it anyway. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to go away on its own.


Ya get their advice and then ask me. The mix of their diagnose and instruction and the likes of my exercise catalog can very often lead to the solution


Have started listening to 80s power ballads during workouts. Nothing like a bit of Richard Marx blaring during a heavy deadlifting session.


Listen to this and imagine you are in your own 80s movie training montage


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Thinking of trying crossfit. Is it any good?


I could definitely see how youd get an edge alright. I’d say if I timed my max lift to the bit when Ann Wilson of Heart is explaining to the Hitchhiker years later about his son that I’d definitely knock another few reps out.




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