Fitness XL- Your training routine


Hmmm. Will be signing up so. :grinning:


Where you considering Taz?

There are 2 versions of Crossfit.
1 owned and run by chances hopping in a bandwagon with little to no real understanding of the physiology of exercise.

1 that leaves the Crossfit template but is using its marketing reach cleverly. These guys are usually actual S&C Coaches and occasionally Sports Science graduates (although SS grads can fall into group 1 as well sometines)


Ah i was considering it just for a change. Been changing my workouts lately to more aerobic and bodyweight exercises


Do you like your back the way it is or do you want it fucked for life?


Depends if its from the crossfit exercises or seemingly the endless riding?:grinning:


Crossfit — Unless the lads doing it are top, top guys i’d stay away. Have heard an amount of horror stories of long term damage done to people.


I will stay away so. Back is bad enough as it is without some fucker destroying it. :grinning:


PM me where you are and i’ll have a quick look for you


What’s heavy KP?


Only at body weight glas. Middle of a program


@caoimhaoin might be of interest


Has the money but still incredible effort.

He really understands, he is the business



If you are near Raheny I would look at this spot Raheny Performance and Greg Bennett in there. He knows what he is at


Sorry for not getting back sooner. Am out in meath now or north county Dublin.:grinning:


Near Rathoath? (Sp)



And anyone else

This is interesting on a few levels.

I’m talking to both these chaps the article writer Stefan and Thib. Also trying to get some verification from psychology types I know to see what they think.

On the face of it neurotyping sounds interesting. Where the problem occurs is with personality testing which is flawed in general but very controversial between people within the soft sciences themselves.

Still it may guide as to why you enjoy some training over others.


Thanks I’ll have a read of that later. :+1:



The diamond push-up.

Yea or nay?


What is that?


You bring your hands right in next to each other. Works the triceps. Hadn’t seen in years and saw some rugger chap knock out about 25 - 30 of them in the gym this morning.

Tried it out there and could barely do 5 of them. The INTERNET speaks highly of it.