Fitness XL- Your training routine


Ya good exercise especially for the triceps.

Just don’t over do it if you sit alot. Could have Thoracic and shoulder issues which may come restricted in the move.

So 4-6 sets a week max I would suggest


This stuff really gives an edge, that extra push.


looking for a good aerobic conditioning drill, any suggestions?


Run Forest Run. Watch Kev go into meltdown. :slight_smile:


What’s the end goal, brah?


not to be bent over panting in the middle of a game…


What kind of game? :thinking:


field games in general pal, Gaelic football or Soccer.

the panting comes from over exertion, im not sure if you are overly familiar with the term “exertion”


Nope, you’ve lost me there alright.


So it’s for Gaelic football?

@caoimhaoin has put plenty of them up here over last few years. Two opposing points and combination of sprints at 60% max x 5 - - 80% x5 — 90% x5 etc. etc taking fluctuating recovery time … 45 seconds - 30 seconds - 20 seconds… and do 3 - 5 rounds … you know yourself, just replicate the kind of runs and recovery time you’d make during a game… you can crank it up after a couple of sessions… I take it with Wexford out of Football you’ll be tooling up soon enough?


with us still in the Hurling we wont be at anything until that has been put to bed… which is madness as we could easily have fitted a round in such is life…


@caoimhaoin could you recommend a good yoga instructor in Cork. What I hope to get out of it is better agility, injury prevention and better breathing techniques.



45 seconds to run the length of a hurling pitch. Rest whatever you have left of the 45. Go again. X10.
Warm up first.
Tickles a bit.


BTW it won’t get any easier playing. You’ll just run more and feel equally awful.


Where you based roughly?


Ypu do not need a yoga instructor so.

In some cases they can increase injury risk.

Now I do know a fantastic yoga teacher, she is a physio too, but you sound like you need S&C


An S and C instructor in yoga pants


Where did I say that?

I do not believe I would prescribe that type of training specifically.

Train high and train low.

Sprint and tempo runs are simplest way to prepare


Mount Oval