Fitness XL- Your training routine



Go way ta fuck…


Pilates more than yoga i’d say and as Kev says, strengthening …


I was expecting a “did you try sticking your finger up your hole” response. :joy:


Pilates could be the one alright. Never thought of that. Thought it was more for girls though.


No… It’s more for injury prevention, core, flexability etc. etc… There’s a place in Douglas does it -

Dont ignore strength work


Quick warm up.

  • 4 X 10 minute reps on con saw
  • 25m2 of foot paths with Kango
  • 4 X cunts of steps. (also with Kango)


Sorry for your troubles … Be grateful you didnt have to take the sledge/pickaxe to any of it.


After over a month off the gym, over three weeks holidays and a week to recover last week. Went back today. I’m down 4 kilos.

Incline bench 4x8
Pull ups 4x8
Rack deadlift 4x8
Tricep dips 4x8
High pull 4x8
Decline plank on visit ball with foot touch downs 4x26

Squat 4x8
Hamstring curls 6x6
Back extension 4x8
Calf raise 4x12
Hanging leg raise 4x15
Decline crunches 4x12

Repeat Thursday and Friday and same again next week should get me back to a decent base. I can post this with impunity now that Kev is not here to tell me how much I fucking up my back for life.


That’s a 20 min workout, Ffs get a bit of cardio in too.


Rejoined gym last weekend after 3/4 months break… Joined Dennehys… the holes on the young ones in there are just off the hook.

First leg session tonight and I wobbled out of there.

Squats 40kg x 12, 60kg x 10 80kg x 8 40kg x 10
Leg press 100kg 10 x 3
Single leg squats with 20 kg dumb bells 3 x 8 each leg
Hamstring curls 60, 70, 80kg x 10 each
calf raises 50 kg 3 x 10
Barbell lunges 40 kg 3 x 10


Good going by any standard. If it’s your first session back after three months you won’t be able to walk for a week.


My glutes are already fucked… Major Doms on the way .


You won’t be right for 4 or 5 days. I’m not pushing myself too much on the squats or deadlifts any more, save on injuries. Did 6x6 squats at 80 yesterday, it was comfortable so I’ll go up to 90 the next day.


There’s fuck all need to go too heavy… Reasonable and reps is the way to go.


It’s a good feeling to move up the weights but I don’t need it and if I’m going to the gym tired already I’m only going to fuck myself up again. I’m going alright anyway.


What way are you doing the hamstring curls? Lying forward or sitting? I’d be able to do a good bit more on the squat and leg press than that but fucked if I could curl 80kgs.


Legs are in a heap today. Never skip legs day


Leg day! I’m gonna down a can of NOCCO pear (Caffeine) and I’m going to smash the fuck out of it.

Back on the weights a few weeks now (weekends only) and the muscle is already returning. I’d an awful summer of atin and drinking and the lbs weren’t long piling up.

Let’s fucking do this…


Aeropress. Drive in the rain listening to Gang of Youths. Reformer Pilates. Just arrived and Snow Patrol playing in the studio. Clarity of thought is unreal.

Cc @chocolatemice


I was in the sauna last night and was admiring my pecs, they are like steel