Fitness XL- Your training routine


One of mates told me his mam was looking at my pics on Facebook and remarked on how “buff” I looked. Now she’s nearing 70 but still


Batigol. A romancer of the elderly.


What a session… Back up to knocking out 120kg x 5 at the end of my squat set. Did calf raises, leg press, hamstring curls, front and back squats, single leg squats, lunges… Then walked Brady for 45 mins in the lashings of rain in my shorts… Great way to cool the legs back down.


You’ll have legs like Billy vunipola


Would you ever through in a Nordic fall. Especially this time of year.

I’ve seen some sprinters Lower to floor and then raise back up. Unreal hamstring strength.


Just admiring myself in the mirror there … I’ve some serious muscle gone on over the last month… I need to throw in a bit of cardio as I’m gone quite bulky… I’m like Samoan.


Your next step is joining Instagram.


I wouldn’t have the gumption for it… Maybe if I send you semi naked pics of myself you’ll run it for me?


No thanks hun xoxo


Between a cold and being hungover I missed the last week and half of the gym. I’m going to have to go tomorrow in limerick with my mate or my appetite will be fucked for the Christmas dinner. They’ve a big tyre out at the gym in raheen, good craic throwing it up and down the yard. Last time I was out there yer man the strongman was there, he’s some yoke, fair play to him.


The only man I ever heard of with an appetite bigger than yours


I’m going to do the Connemara half marathon so I’m going to have eat a bit more or I’ll be gone away to nothing.