Fitness XL- Your training routine


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Dangerous game.

They lift for a sport. Nobody should copy them. Even more especially if Elite.


You mean maintain muscle Mass?


Yeah exactly. I’m lean/light enough already, I’d be gone to nothing after two months just running.


Simply, lift weights.
But what may work is getting tested on the Force-Velocity Curve.

That may help inform you how much or how often.


I’ll look into it. Cheers Kev.


Tension Myositis Syndrome.


That’s the one…No point using big words like that on @Horsebox.


You never answered my question on body shocking HIIT sessions, bro.


Have you an iphone?


Nope got rid of it a couple weeks ago. Why so?


There is an 11 euro app on ios only that can do the F-V tests.

Rendering huge amounts of expensive equipment redundant all over the world😂


And what will that tell me Kev? Focus training on whatever end of the curve that I’m weaker on?


Maybe, but depends on the goal of the sport as well though. So being force side is condusive to weighlifting, the other end is more lean speed.


He is a plodder * running a marathon

  • no offence pal


Spot on. None taken. (a plodder who doesn’t want to lose 5kg of muscle)


Be grand.

Eat some more.

Lift weights.

Be more focussed on post maratón bluès



What he says. Food is critical. Up the carbs on running days significantly and plenty protein afterwards.


I’m thinking of doing the amazing 12 program, what’s your thoughts on it ?


It is what it is. Its tough but you will get results.

It won’t let you with a ling term understanding and appreciation for S&C or health etc, but you will make serious progress i would suggest.

There is nothing special it in. Its training really fucking hard and eventually eating fuck all.