Fitness XL- Your training routine


Is it not also an education program to help you maintain your results after the 12 weeks? Could you realistically get these results training at home and eating “properly”?


Ya absolutely you could.

There is very little education to it. I have 2 clients wh did it.

I mean you will puck up from doing, but will you learn the why? I would suggest not.


Here we are.
70/80/90% max


In an effort to get out of the bed faster in the mornings I’ve started doing pushups (20x3) and situps (30x3) first thing with some stretches in between. It’s a very small amount of additional exercise but is having a noticeable effect already.


Good idea and definitely cognitive benefits

But sit ups? Seriously?


Do you not have to get out of the bed to do them?


Are you suggesting someone should just take off and do this?


I’m not suggesting anything kev.


But were you not telling someone back along you would find them a program worth doing? Or am i mixing you up?


Are people still doing sit ups? Seriously?


Not me kev no. I said I’d post up what the weightlifting coach put up for the few relative beginners (me)


And thats beginners?


Relatively. There’s only twenty members and half of them lifted internationally, mostly commonwealth, three or four at the Olympics.
I only found it by accident after the crossfit gym closed. I only went there to do weights in any case. They are absolutely lovely people. It’s £20 a month, or £2.50 a session. There’s always pretty much a qualified coach there (opens three evenings a week and Sunday sometimes), and you’d often get an Olympic lifter will watch you and correct you.


That is not beginners and you should not be posting it up as such.

Its the equivilant of giving a Jamican a hurley at 30 years of age and playing him at midfield in Intermediate hurling.

Coaches there is fine, but they won’t be everywhere.

This kinda thing is a real blight on the industry and without doubt is responsible for numerous injuries.

I have nobody yet caoable of over head olympic moves. Thats after 2+ years. No real need anyway as other safer exercises derive the same or more power. But they are handy in some cases.

You’ll have lads here who spend 12 hours a day weakening and turning off their spine thru sitting going out trying snatches etc. That can be lethal


Fuck off kev. I didn’t post it as beginners. I’m waiting you knowing someone who knows that I did though
Ps it’s a competition weightlifting club. For competition lifting like.


Well, legs up, elbow to opposite knee type things.


And you wonder why people think you’re a girl. You probably do them from the knees as well.




You put up an advanced resistance training program.
It may be “beginners” to Olympians. They are highly technical moves

Its wreckless. And you should know better

If it was some “bro” i’d get it.


Stop them