Fitness XL- Your training routine




I bench 100kg what do you manage?


He makes fun of people on the INTERNET.


He doesn’t have the imagination for it.


Do you think lads ran out to the gym the moment they saw it? Maybe I over-estimate the common-sense on here but I wouldn’t be going near anything like that off my own bat


They will be fucking up your spine and weakening your lower back.


You are completely over rating common sense considering all the questions i get and the programs lads send me that they are doing etc.
Sometimes to be fair its “this looks a little mad, what do you think?”

Never underestimate a mans ego

Think about Crossfit sure. How many thousand go to that. Although thankfully its taken a hit


Fair point. @flattythehurdler and his monstrous ego will have a lot to answer for when there’s forumites being wheeled around the place in a few years


Not his ego, the ego of others.

Anyway flatty should know just because he can take to something, is quite robust (or just has not felt the suffering yet) and has supervised coaching thats clearly a decent level does not mean everyone has. In fact majority don’t




Bridges, deadbugs, bird dogs, pallof presses and all sorts of carrying.
But the 1st 3 with no equipment


Planks - squats, lunges, deads - all work your core – Do plenty of exercises that engage all muscles instead of trying to isolate a few.


Mountain climbers, superman’s, ding dongs & Nigerian swings


Squats etc engage the core. But they do little for sponal alignment, activation and stability. Especially bi-lateral stuff


He wants to engage his core…


The horse should go before the cart.

But anyway yhis is just about tidying up a morning routine


I’d add Shimmy’s, Bolivian bear crawls and Mexican twists.


Nigerian swingers in a 5 minute morning routine?


I always thought planks were a load of shite unless you add in some instability or movement.


Add in some instability movement - Swedish curls, or Or Yorkshire ding songs as @TreatyStones was saying… you should be changing it up all the time anyways