Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

Soccer and giro day just don’t mix.

That’s minkal altogether ffs

Send them on we’ll have a gander

I won’t, twas a kids game. Though I see twitter has a hold of it now as well so the other great pastime of southerners, racism, has also been added to the mix. People like Claire Hanna and Doug Beattie will hopefully provide the leadership sadly lacking in society down there when the constitutional issue is resolved.

You’re in great form today :smile: more luck to you

Those self service cash/ card petrol pumps… Bastard thing wouldn’t take my revolut tap yesterday in Cashel… I was like a demon as i was rushing to meet @Phil_Leotardo for 1 swift pre match ale. I tried all 5 machines multiple times before giving up and trying to find a ‘normal’ Petrol station up the town. I didn’t need that added anxiety on Munster final day.


Could you not have asked Mrs. O’Sullivan to put a few quid on your revolut as usual?


The beef dinner and 4 bottles of Corona she laid on was more than enough in fairness

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I would have fucked those bottles of piss back at her

Well just hear me out… I was out painting, sealing up skirting and door frames and cleaning down windows on the new cabin since 7.30 am as the mrs wanted fanny in there starting today (for waxing)… I rushed to the game without lunch and didn’t have time for that swift ale and tore home immediately afterwards.

Ordinarily i would have bate the bottles off her and carved my name on her forehead with one of them, but it was a long day and Limerick made history so i accepted them with grace.


Fast And Furious Beer GIF by The Fast Saga

It’s absolutely scandalous the taxpayer money awarded to horse & greyhound abuse.


The progressive left want to use this money instead to fund things like municipal athletics tracks, sport pitches, pitch maintenance, tennis courts & playgrounds. Things that will actually benefit communities.


AOR will sort it

Announce NINA

Horses don’t go missing, they’re in your burgers and shop bought lasagna and pies.

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Imagine the votes that could have been won campaigning on ending horse racing and doggy racing.

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dodgy as fuck


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Look, the prize money for poor craturs like Michael O Leary and the Aga Khan needs to be found somewhere.


It’s supporting the burger and sausage indigenous industry. And black pudding. And vegetarian sausages.