Further Things That Are Wrong (Part 2)

People need to bring their own coffee in their own reusable coffee mugs. We need to stop the proliferation of single use coffee cups.

The ATM coffee outlet in Kent Station wasn’t open the last few times I was there. They must be gone.

Covid though?

A cod

You can only imagine the amount of cunts at this.

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All watching one of the greatest cunts in modern history.

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What has Beyonce done?

She’s managed to stay alive for 41 and a half years baby.

I think Dubai would be heaven for influencers. Fuck all to do only shopppppingggggg

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Or get shit on to fund it


Fellas getting out of their vehicle in the middle of a car wash to give it a walkabout inspection, fuck off.



Ave Maria

Not a minute in jail as jail is for lads rowing with their employers over disciplinary issues

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He should get 2 years for the neck beard alone.


There’s 5000 people in Irish jails,
Are they all there for rowing with their employers? Mad

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Well at least we’ve moved on from the selling garlic argument for being put in jail anyway.


There should be 5001. That’s a disgusting sentence

It isn’t a sentence, it’s a glorified free pass. He battered the shite out of the girl, caused a wrist fracture, terrorised her children and caused pandemonium in the hotel…. What does it say to other victims similarly abused and degraded….It says I’m wasting my time taking this further.

A cowardly, snivelling adjudication. For shame.