GAA All Star Wars


Joey Holden got the better of Joe Canning a few times mate


Thank God Mick Dunne isn’t around to see this


What does that have to do with daithi exposing callinan as the most over rated hurler of the past twenty years


To be fair his match winning point out by the sideline v Tipp at the end of the AI SF was deserving of the award alone.

Deserves credit for that…he’s a class hurler.


That would be Joe Canning you’re thinking of mate


And whats ironic is these types of lads get more fames and exposure now.

GAA forgot what it was a long time ago.


The night Cody got man of the match is the night the shark was well and truly jumped. The likes of Jeff lap up all this populist crap.


15 and 16 you mean.




With his sweeper keeper style, Cluxton should have been given the full-back spot ahead of Michael Fitzsimons.


Joe is a media man. They look after their own


As I’ve mentioned before, there was about 9 Galway players and overall around 57 players better than Canning this year. Philip Mahony and Matthew O’Hanlon destroyed him in the AISF and LSHF respectively. Good first 5 minutes in the final on Mahony and excellent last 15 minutes against Tipp in the semi final after missing the easy frees earlier in the game. Other than that Canning was a dead ball taking passenger.


Colm Cavanagh :joy:

Over Parsons :joy::joy::joy:


With an AI medal unlike your useless tog shitters.


Doherty is the biggest snub of the night. His link up play was worth far more than his contribution on the scoreboard, especially against Cork, Roscommon and Kerry.


The media runs the game. Ignore them st your peril.


Fully merited.


Thanks to those 9 or 10 players who carried him in fairness.

Did he go straight up to collect the award tonight or find his mammy and daddy in the crowd first?


Bro he could’t run in the leinster final, he was left there just to take frees, you are coming across as a bit simple if you think o hanlon should get credit for roasting a lad that could’t move


Congratulations to Joe Canning. A worthy winner of HOTY if ever there was one.