GAA All Star Wars


What Joe Canning is these days reminds me of Barney Ronay’s immortal description of Cesc Fabregas:

“And so he has become a containable high-class player, a kind of (hurling) Stephen Hawking, the trundling mega‑brain in need of a supporting entourage to wheel him into place.”


And that’s why we have asylums.


To lock up the superb football writer Barney Ronay?


The difference in Galway that resulted in an AI win is less reliance on Joe. He carried the forward line and indeed team for years, but finally we gathered a supporting cast to support his efforts.

Surely even the most absolute jealous cunt couldn’t begrudge him a much deserved award?


Indeed. That year was 2012.


Its not a much deserved award. It would be a much deserved award for Jamie Barron


100% agree.

Geaney was good but i was not convinced by him by end of year. Although his help was pityful


He played as a 2nd sweeper in a 14 men behind the ball system.
Should not have got an all star. And he didn’t play midfield no more than i did


And scored the same number of points as Parsons in half the game time.


Joe Canning had an outstanding game against Cork in 2008 and lads are going on like he was doing the same thing year in year out since then. He wasn’t and he played on plenty of good Galway teams


What has that got to do with playong midfield?


It’s HOTY pal. Gearoid is a full-time mullocker and good at it.

As the award goes it’s Joe’s…


Colm Cavanagh does the job of two players. He is a machine and the award is testament to his performances over the past 3 seasons and further.


The biggest joke in the football selection is the inclusion of Michael Fitzsimons. He was decent enough up to the final, but then again, what did he have to do?

It’s difficult to overstate just how much of a roasting Andy Moran gave him in the final. It was Peadar Andrews on Ollie Murphy stuff. Roasted for the three points Moran scored from play. Roasted for two more sitters Moran put wide. Roasted for Moran setting up Jason Doherty for his goal chance. Roasted for Moran setting up Lee Keegan for the goal.

Fitzsimons got the award because his performance in the 2016 final replay has stuck in the mind of the selectors rather than anything he did this year.


Oh so more of a service award?




His performances this year deserve an award, he probably should have had at least one in the two previous seasons as well.



On the one hand Canadian cabin dwelling muldoons are claiming Canning is the undisputed HOTY and on the other they’re saying he was injured, did absolutely nothing and those who dominated him should pipe down.

Make your minds up, guys.


You are not taking our success well at all. Stay off social media this time pal


He’s pathetic.


another way of looking at it is with our best player and HOTY crocked, wexford couldn’t beat us :rofl:

But but what about Mac, and Chinner, and liam ryan. Oh wait, theyre actually all shite. It was highly amusing seeing you get worked up over league quarter final and leinster semi final wins. Only for a real hurling county to win absolutely everything