GAA All Star Wars


Ye’ve won one proper All Ireland. Calm down with the “real hurling county” mate


Those arguing that Joe Canning wasn’t HOTY :smile::smile::smile:

Joe was fucking immense this year, was a different animal altogether to any other Season he has hurled.


He was immense for 15 minutes against Tipp, fairly average other than that


Was a simply wonderful strike. Not a point though as the ball was thrown to him.


Signing in from the Convention Centre.

What a night.

See you in Coppers.


It’s HOTY, not team of the year.

I don’t think anybody with even a cursory understanding of hurling would deem Joe Canning to have had a better year than Burke x2, Hanbury, McInerney, Mannion x1, Coen, Cooney x2, Whelan etc.

I thought McDonald was below par this year but Chin, Ryan and especially O’Keeffe were far more impressive than Canning. As were a handful of lads from Waterford, Cork, Peter Casey, Patrick Purcell etc.

There were years when Canning actually hurled well when he wasn’t deemed close to being HOTY. Bizarre when he has a relatively poor year and the GGA community seems to rally around to crown him totally undeservedly.

He does deserve credit for shedding the excess water in his system though.


He is gold in selfie terms tonight. Nobody comes close.


That’s cos the cunts wouldn’t invite Buff




You just don’t get it, Fella.



I do get it, I just don’t agree with it


And so it comes to pass


Did Joe actually only get 5 points from play this year?


:rofl: sweet enola gay


2 in the first 5 minutes against Waterford before Philip Mahony shut him down. 3 late on against Tipp in his only good display, was it? None against Wexford or Offaly. Think he got a few against Ger Cunningham’s well drilled Dublin side in the first game so slightly more than 5 from play. He was very very very fortunate that so many other Galway players had stellar years.


He’s probably the greatest gaelic footballer of all time.


equalling tipps total in the last 50 years


Tipp have won 6 proper All Irelands in the last 50 years mate


Niall Burke outscored Canning from play in the championship.

Niall Burke got Galway’s two most important points in the final - they turned the game at a time when Waterford had gone in front and had momentum.

Galway would not have won the All-Ireland without Niall Burke.

Ergo, Niall Burke is HOTY.

Or something.