GAA All Star Wars


The point being someone as average as Hanbury outshone an underperforming Canning. Luckily the vast majority of Canning’s team mates made up for it and adapted to Donoghue’s counter attacking style with so many men behind the ball. In fairness to Canning he was good on the frees bar the misses against Tipperary.


It’s not an overstatement to say that Mayo wouldn’t have been in the AIF were it not for Doherty’s reinvention as a ball-winning, distributor in the forward line. I couldn’t believe how well he changed his game from an instinctive goal banger.


Gearoid is 10000 hours. Don’t go toe to toe with a Mac from Rineen and expect a positive outcome.


Yip. He has worked seriously hard. Excellent player now.

All Stars are laughable though at best of times


You do know thats rubbish ya?


His performance against Dublin? He hid like the rest of the Tyrone team and should have been red carded early in the game for a vicious assault on Brian Fenton.


The level of hate for Joe is noteworthy. Some serious jelly out there. Kiss his ring you CUNTS.


A Wexford cunt talking about men behind the ball :joy:


It’s amusing to see performamces against 2nd tier counties like Wexford and Offaly cited. Offaly haven’t won an All Star since 2000 and no Wexford outfield player has won one since 2001. Galway’s year was always going to boil down to the Tipperary game, which materialised in the semi final and not the final as most expected. When the game was in the melting pot in the last 20 minutes, nobody stood taller or yielded more influence than Joe.


You’re my hero Jeff


Lot of lads playing the man rather than the ball around here. The smell of sour milk coming from some of the Tipp and Wexford clan is pretty rank.
Congratulations to Joe. Well deserved.


Stop licking arse, Mike.


Jog on Harry. You’ve been at it for years


That’s it in a nutshell Geoff.


General Joe Canning.


100%, Galway cruised all year except for that period, Joe dragged them through and in effect win the All Ireland for them in that 15 minutes.
Pity that being a nice humble lad is cause for such bitterness here,
Well done Joe, suitable reward :clap:


Its about hurler of the year though. Not play of the year.

That was noted and adds to his general legacy and greatness.

But Jamie Barron had a significantly better and more consistent year.

I have nothing but time for him, but this is a joke decision and one made largely because they kniw him bettter from around the place.


Supermacs Guy got the award because of his commercial appeal and standing


It’s a disgrace


I see you did some robbing yourself