GAA All Star Wars


When it came down to the business end of the season of the All Ireland semi final and All Ireland Final, no Galway forward, or indeed Galway player scored more from play than Joe over those two games.


The award is “Hurler of the Year” not “Best 15 minutes of the year”


That’s the exact opposite of what I’m doing. I am using facts to show that its ridiculous that a lad who had one brilliant 15 minutes in one game wins hurler of the year over a player who was consistently excellent


Do you really believe that in the case of HOTY & the all stars ???


Well for example, Seamie Callanan has had two better performances in games than Joe Canning’s last 15 minutes in massive games in the last three years yet he didn’t win HOTY in either of those years.


Conor Whelan and Conor Cooney got as many as well as being better over the course of the year


Let it go mate, one of the best hurlers you will ever see has won player of the year when it seemed as if he was to be one of the greatest never to win an All Ireland, Barron might have other chances, it’s the way things go.


Conor Whelan was largely anonymous in the final, marked out of the match and very much second best to Noel Connors. Conor Cooney had a very good year, but didn’t produce the type of match winning burst at the business end of the season that Joe did.


The two Cork lads really cheapen this all star selection.


So was Joe Canning

Its called the “hurler of the year” and Conor Cooney was better than Joe Canning in most games, including the final


Idiots knocking Joe’s wonderful year on his scoring from play alone. :rollseyes:


Joe wasn’t anonymous in the final. He had a very good game, even if he didn’t scale the herculean heights of the last 20 minutes of the semi final. He scored the first point of the game after a few seconds which immediately settled Galway nerves and was the catalyst for the lightening start from Galway.

When Waterford got the equalising goal after the horrible mix up in the Galway square, it fell to Joe again to settle Galway nerves. He got the very next score, a monster sideline cut which staved off the possibility of the Galway collapse we have become accustomed to over the years. Joe got another very good point from play and if memory serves me correct, he was 100% on placed balls.


He was my MOTM truth told.


He barely touched the ball in the second half


His performance in the Final reminded me of Tommy Dunne’s MOTM display as Captain in the 2001 decider. In much the same fashion both players led by example and got crucial early scores to settle their more inexperienced team mates.

Both top class men & hurlers. :clap:


Thats because you’re an idiot


Look it, no one told you to back Barron for HOTY you cretin.


Tommy Dunne got 5 points from play from midfield ffs


Nobody told you to stick your tongue up Joe’s arse


What’s your infatuation with scores? Your missing the point spectacularly you dim cunt.