GAA All Star Wars




Right what else did Joe do in the final to be MOTM? I want actual moments, not vague shite now.

I doubt any of the Galway posters even would have him as MOTM in the Final


Yes and that’s why Joe shouldn’t have won it


Watch the match again you dullard.


How did he go in the League Final?


No answer, typical Harry stuff


Irrelevant but not as well as Conor Whelan as it happens


You whole argument is built around his scores from play. Don’t be a hypocrite.

People are clearly missing all the other work Joe bought to the table, his efforts in helping track back, vital interceptions, hard tackling, wonderful passes for team mate goals.

@the_man_himself is a bitter bollox and should give credit where it’s due for Cannings all round game which was vastly improved on previous years.


Did Conor Whelan take all the frees & 65’s and score a very high % of them.


His close out of chip deserved an all star but not hurler of the year.


Okay so he was hurler of the year based on tracking back and tackling now :laughing: Galway got two goals in the whole championship ffs :laughing:


Cockney slang??


Hurler of the Year for taking frees now :laughing:


I think one of the Galway lads previously did a breakdown of his last 20 minutes. It was very amusing and contained things like:

56 minutes: grappled for possession with a group of Waterford players.

57 minutes: challenged under a puck out and didn’t allow an easy clearance.

58 minutes: ran really hard towards the ball.

59 minutes: scored a free.

etc etc.

It got a plethora of “ooofts” and likes from the Galway lads and other harmless chaps with little or no understanding of the game.


Rashers is cockney slang for Tipp, chip is just a derivative of Spud- both reprehensible


I remember that, it was comical stuff


You basic point on Barron is athleticism and scoring of goals when opponents were on their last legs was reason enough to win HOTY. Where was he for example when KK rallied to take their game to extra time?

You are saying that a forwards efforts in working to stop scores is okay but Barron’s patches in games when he was out of it are not worth noting.


My basic point on Barron is that he had a better year than Joe Canning, which is clear to see. You say Barron went out of games yet Canning went out of games much more so, like the second half of the final, most of the semi final, did fuck all in the Leinster Final


Is it Jamie Barron you’re referring to there fading out of the second half of the All Ireland Final?


No Joe Canning, although Barron did too. Barron had a much better year apart from the second half of the final where they were both poor