GAA All Star Wars


Lee Chin and Spillane from Cork other halves were the stand outs of the night

Jack McCaffrey is some man.

A wonderful evening amongst Ireland’s heroes.



Joe Canning
League Medal
Leinster Medal
All Ireland Medal
All Star

Jamie Barron
All Star
Fuck all Else


Are Brendan Maher & Seamie Callanan’s other half’s munters up close? :open_mouth:


Its an individual award


Like HOTY it’s all about opinions

They are fine women too. Lots of talent there.


You would win the individual award for the bitter cunt of 2017.




What was the order of events, mate? I was making my way past CCD yesterday at 5pm and saw people making their way in. Drinks reception before the TV part? Sit down meal afterwards?


In English please mate


I was up at 8.30 to train the 2028 All Stars.


Where did the after party end up?


I’ve said it before but you’re some man for one man. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


It was like a wedding.
Drinks reception.
The official ceremony in the auditorium
Then down for the dinner
Wedding band music

The Dubs were heading to McGowans but I made my excuses and left. Great night though


Or he could do hos ACL, never get back to form and have little to remind him of a remarkabke year


Basically he did the basics.

As Cody says “effort is easy”


It’s a pity Jeff wasn’t using the same parameters when defending the selection of last years winner.
I wouldn’t begrudge Joe the award but imho Jamie Barron was the hurler of the year.


Like dozens of hurlers before him mate, he’s not the hardest luck case by any means historically in this award category, and to be honest if Cahalane hadn’t had that brainfart he might not be in the discussion at all.

I’m delighted for Joe,


Ah Cork were never winning



I’m sure joe will find consolation in his HOTY, all star, celtic cross, leinster and league winning medals.
Change the record for fucks sake.
It’s months since galway hammered the fuck out of your lot. You really need to look more through the windscreen, and less in the mirror.


Thought Kevin Moran should have got Hurler of The Year, myself.