GAA All Star Wars


His media profile isn’t strong enough. Interesting how pictures of the POTY surfaced not long after the announcements of the two guys with their awards in sponsored tshirts and it’s clearly daylight behind them


Eamon McGee tweeted yesterday saying that players are usually informed on the day via a phone call if they have won an award or not.


Moran has been a model of consistency throughout his Waterford career, this year was nothing special for him, in fact he had one nightmare game and he missed an absolutely crucial sitter in the final.
But he’s a great, one of my favourite hurlers.


Seems about right


Moran was outstanding in the semi final and final and very good anytime I saw Waterford this year.


He’s always outstanding, he’s a model of consistency and has been for years. I can’t be bothered looking it up though I do recall thinking one day this year that Moran had his worst ever game for Waterford, things just went wrong for him. The miss in the final though was a shocker and it was at an absolutely crucial stage.


And the 1/4 final below in Cork v Wexico him and brick were outstanding


Canning done sweet fuck all to merit that award. Har is a self loathing Tipp down and out drug addict clown. Galway fluked their A I this year plain and simple. Officials made sure the gypsies won it and that’s basically it. Tipp were clearly the better side in the semi but were blackguarded by officialdom.


Christ. It’s going to be a long winter


Consistently outstanding seems like good criteria for hurler of the year.


Ah lads, catch yourselves on, it’s only the fucking All Stars


Still no closer a year on to finding closure to your trauma over the non-selection of Seamie as hurler of the year?


The Player of the Year awards are voted by the players and we all know they’re hardly the brightest buttons in the fucking box. They voted for Joe not for this year but for his career. Because ‘ya know he deserves it, sure, I suppose’

Even the players don’t take them that seriously ffs


If that’s how they want it, well and good. ‘Tis their awards. People shouldn’t get too worked up over it really. We live in a world where MDMA has a FOTY and Darragh O Sé doesn’t. You’d be crazy to worry too much about it.


Same happened last year.


The only trauma I felt last year was from drinking lucozade and vodka with @carryharry in the Burlington. It was the drink rather than the company I kept.
Paudie was my choice for hoty last year btw but its good to know that your criteria for hoty is flexible year on year.


I was only oiling you up for the Monday Club. :wink:


Fuck off, I couldn’t feel my arms the next morning.