GAA All Star Wars


Wexford maybe?

He was inreal against KK and Cork


Galway got precisely as many goals as they needed in the championship this year.


It may have been against Cork in Munster?? Was he mediocre that day?


Do you have to be invited to this or can you just buy a ticket/table? I’d presumed the former, but had presumed that about the post aif reception also, til Mrs Hanbury informed me that they had bought a table at the galway post match shindig.


Could be it ya


Of course, that wasn’t the point


You can buy a table - this is the GPA we are talking about. 2500 for a table of ten.

1600 people there last night.


What was the quality if the food like? Beef or salmon?


Bizarre jammy dodger dessert. Inedible.
Broke the mould with a warm starter - fish pie

Beef with mini welllington

Food was average at best.

Dublin players had their own meals brought in.


You made that last bit up.


I did.


Didn’t realise it was a pocket lining exercise.
Fuck that.


No he didn’t . The company that supplies the food to the dubs made it up .


Ah here, what did you think it was?


Galway 's season turned when, down by ten to Waterford Joe put in a second half tour de force as Galway won by 3. He got 1-10. The next time Galway were in trouble was against Tipp. Joe grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck again and scored the last 5 points, 3 from play. In the final Joe nailed all his frees, got a sideline and scored two from play. When needed he stood up. He’s had better years but this year he had more help. Galway wouldn’t have won without it without him. A well deserved HOTY for Joe.


Galway wouldn’t have won it without Niall Burke either mate, or Conor Whelan or Conor Cooney


They all contributed.


They did but none more than Joe.


A fair few of last nights All Stars are bow legged/pigeon towed (Whelan and Fitzsimons severely so)

Linked to athletic prowess apparently.


He could probably do with looking in the mirror a bit as well…