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It’s not about HOTYs or All Stars for this group of Limerick hurlers

If Hayes plays the way he has all year in the last two games (should we have two more this year, and win them) then it won’t be possible to leave him out IMO.


He might get an all star

Ah here. Nail on certainty

He’s a nailed on all star, but I doubt they’ll give him hoty just to avoid controversy and so on.
Have you noticed he hasn’t got MOTM yet this year even though he’s been outstanding in nearly every game.

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Yep the single five greatest performances by any player not to win a mom

Hasnt he? It wasn’t mentioned anywhere, are you sure?

Are you sure?

I’m not sure of anything anymore.

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Hegarty has 2, ó Néill against waterford anyway.


The handicap for Cork vs Offaly is -17.

I wouldn’t normally go anywhere near the big handicaps like that but Tipp scored 7-38 against Offaly last year and beat them by 32 points. This year Offaly are surely going to have spent a fair bit of the week celebrating.

Cork are probably the best team at dismantling weaker teams and have been racking up the goals all year long.


Cork beat them by 27 points in the league as well. The first Alan Connolly hat-trick of the season.

I genuinely think it’s buying money. Cork are the best at throwing up hue scores.

Wexford -10 is buying money this week lads.

Bet 4 - Clarinbridge to win the Galway SHC - 3points ew @ 8/1**
Closing Balance - 75 points

I have a confession to make on this one. I backed them at 10’s there on Wednesday night (I hadn’t time to state my reasoning here) and lo and behold didn’t my few quid swing the market and see them clipped into 8/1. However, for the purposes of this exercise and because they are only available this morning at 8’s, I’m going to call it that.

I think this is the year that will see St. Thomas’s dominance come to a conclusion. They absolutely emptied themselves last year and securing that elusive second All Ireland win felt like the end of a process. Going to be hard to go again this year, and they appear to be quite vulnerable. Conor Cooney is off to the States and while I’m sure he’ll be back in plenty of time for the serious business, I’m not sure he’d have gone if they were still chasing that second All Ireland.

There are 4 other teams well placed to pick up the pieces if they do falter - Loughrea, Turloughmore, Sarsfields and Clarinbridge.

I like Clarinbridge best of all. Its not a case of when, but how many Galway Championships they can win in the next decade in my opinion and I think they’ll be fighting it out for All Ireland’s too.

Their underage production line is throwing out a serious amount of players with them racking up titles at U20 and their all conquering All Ireland Feile winning team of 2021 now becoming eligible for Senior this year. Aaron Niland will be a big addition to their forward line along with his brother Evan, Cian Salmon and Gavin Lee who i thought was one of Galway’s better performers this season. Putting up big scores won’t be an issue. They’ve certainly hit the ground running so far and their League form has been very good hammering St. Thomas’s by 0-29 to 3-12 on the weekend just gone.

Then there is the elephant in the room which is the code of conduct document leaked at the end of last year. While it was a stupid thing to put on paper and the wording was ridiculous, and wouldnt work for 99% of clubs where its hard enough to get fellas commit in the first place, Clarinbridge are probably one club with enough players to be able to lay down the law a little and see who’s in and who’s out. They haven’t been a million miles away in recent years so foregoing the J1’s/trips to EP/ Ayaa Napa might make that few percent difference. There is also the siege mentality element to it as although Clubs love to bicker and fight among themselves, as soon as outsiders start having a pop, it can bind a club together. TJ Brennan said as much in an interview a few weeks after it was leaked. They know that there will be some laughing done at them if they do flop this year, so no stone will be left unturned.

The negatives for Clarinbridge are that they are still young and callow, but if I’m to lose money, I’d rather lose it on a team on the way up, than on a team on the way down and I don’t think we’ll see them available at these kind of prices to win the Galway SHC again for the next decade. They’ll be perennial favourites.


Aside from Laois’ 2019 win, no other Joe McDonagh cup team has come within 10 points of a Liam McCarthy side since this utterly pointless round of the championship was introduced

The stooks really set Laois hurling back decades

You cant beat pedigree.

Cork to beat Tyrone could be 2/1 soon. Huge
Price imo. Cork have momentum and it’s going to be like a home game