GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


I am saying it more that Bonner is a backward step???

Plenty footballers there


That got ridiculous.

As was seen with Aidan oShea last week, big men only have so much in them till the quality or engine gives up


Chill. I was only answering the question that you asked ‘Is this the end of Donegal as force?’ @caoimhaoin and I don’t see that as the case as it’s impossible to say that Bonner will be worse or better than Gallagher at this point.

It’s good that Gallagher is gone as they were terrible in the Championship under him, far too negative .


I am chilled you lunatic. I was just explaining my question.

Have not heard great things about Bonner


Nor I but I don’t think this signals the end of Donegal as a force.

With the side backboned by the likes of McGee, Murphy, McGrath, McGlynn, McCloone, McBrearty, McNiallas and another year under the belt of the young fellas that Bonner brought through they should be there or thereabouts in Ulster and the All Ireland quarters.


Yeah but hardly a force with regard to last four and winning the All Ireland like previously which I think Kev was getting at.


Unlikely but they haven’t been a force like that since 2014.


Coaching is critical


McGlynn looked finished this year.


Fall out with Gallagher is supposedly behind that.

By all accounts the relationship between Gallagher and the senior players hit rock bottom by the end of the league.


Forum favourite William (Billy) Sheehan is being lined up as trainer for Offaly. A great appointment if true.


Gallagher seems like a stubborn mule


Absolutely. Fermanagh must be well stuck if they went for him.

I’m not sure how he’s going to get Sean Quigley to retreat into his own 45 and, given his normal tactic of playing one forward, it’ll put huge pressure on the supporting cast to find him accurately and get up in support quickly enough.


I’d imagine a fallout gas little to do with his legs going.

McGlynn was a fantastic player but time has caught up with him.


Kieran Kingston gone from the Cork hurlers


Kingston stepping down as cork manager according to twitter!


Beat me to it. That’s a strange decision after a relatively good year and with a team with bags of potential.


I wouldn’t have a clue about their potential mate but it does appear to be a surprise alright.


Calling @caoimhaoin @Turenne what’s going on here?


It appeared up to this week it was just a matter of dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

Hartnets step down now seems more suspicious.

Was he KK’s man holding the thing together?

Everyone realises the Rock is difficult. Pat ryan is a stubborn mule as apparently.

I’m speculating. Maybe Keegan wouldn’t stay involved? Maybe he really was waiting till the end to make up his mind. But an interview recently really gave the impression he was ready for more.

There is no replacement. As i said in the Cork thread the Camogie Manager-Coach-Stats man combo would do a great job. But they would not be acceptable to the CB or fans. Which unfortunately matters. But Kevin Murray is the vest coach in Cork hurling or football, or one of anyway. Paudie is a super organiser and is arrigant enough and can talk enough shit to be the manager. And the stats guy Niall is a hidden gem.

But its a disaster from the general hurling POV. KK had made huge inroads in getting things streamlined.

Myler might get it. But if he brings his u21 coach then we are fucked