GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


As I said on the other thread, was told that Hartnett was going and the rest were staying after the Waterford match sosomething changed in a short amount of time.


in that the Kevin Murray that played senior hurling for Cork Kev?


Fraggy Murphy was the coach for the U-21s evidently.

If Pat Ryan leaves as coach we are in bother.


Is the hurler not an auctioneer with Alan Browne?


Edit…actually no he isnt im pretty sure

One for the things i learned today thread. Paudie murray invovked in similat business possibly in same building as other KM. Always assumed they were brothers!


Eddie Brennan (aka Fast Eddie) steps down as KK u21 coach


Yes. Coached UCC to the last few Sigersons and coached the Camogie to AI this year. Has an S&C Degree, is a Skill acquisition Coach and also now a Gaa Tutor.
There is nobody next or near as qualified.

But the Murrays don’t sit well with Frank et al.


No he wasn’t. He was involved a little with camogie.

Sean Barry from Inniscarra was coach


The Cork GAA website is making a liar of me then as it lists Fraggy as coach.

Anyway I’m saying Sully gets the job.



But look, he might surprise us. If he bought into Keegan and kept him you never know.

If fellas will play for Davy they will play for anyone


Wtf is a gga tutor ?


Imagine what someone like Davy Fitz could do with a side like Cork, but they they are to parochial and clannish to let an “outsider” take over


A real hurling (or football) county would never allow a true outsider to come in and tell them how to play.


he couldn’t train Lassie to bark.


Eddie Brennan is a pub talker


Coaching educator


a bit more detail

he trains coaches how to coach ?

is there anything in GGA like the UEFA badges?



Unfortunately yes.

Nothing out there as shit as UEFA badges though


Its important to have a standardized system in place so as to ensure that wafflers cant just make stuff up

whats the gga equivalent?

do all kids coaches need it


in the gga, you can just turn up and make it up as you go along, especially at underage level, there is no system or monitoring of coaching