GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


thats what i was thinking

wafflers getting away with it as their is no nest practicse or international standards


“The GGA is the only sport where coaching and training is world class”

then the aussies turn up and with one week training are better gga players

go figure


its a bit scary really, any scumbag can throw on a tracksuit and take charge of a load of kids


the gga like to think they are great with their gga level of fitness and half finished tin pot stadiums(like the Oirish in general) the Aussies come over for a weeks holidays and beat the shit out of them


i think leading GGA coach McGeeney hit the nail on the head when he said that there are 1000s of amateur runners and triathletes throughout Oireland that are more committed and fitter yet dont need to shout about it constantly and demand grants


the oirish are actually very good at running

  1. I agree that a coaching rducation system is needed. The badges at oresent though are outdated and producing myopic, unchallenging, unimaginative coaches. At least here on the British Isles. The culture of coaching jas gone from providing games and exercise for communities to coaching kids like adults and looking for the next Messi. Its mental.

  2. The Coaching Awards

  3. Of fuck ya. More than ever. All coaches need it. Coaching is more important than ever. Sport has to replace as vest it can the play and movement society has taken away from kids. I deliver Coach the Coach programs from an s&C integration(youths & adults) and Fu
    Movement aspect (kids) do i am on pitches and around the pkace a fair bit. I would say 80% have no notion whatsoever what they are doing. 10% think they know what they are doing and they are the loudest and most abrasive and spending their tine veating their chest and roaring at kids. 10% know what they should be doing but take a back seat in total bewilderment at whTs going on. I have as much problem with them as anyone for staying quite. Most are doing their best.


He is training the lads who be guards for the next 30 years.


Time to get the band back together.



two typical Cork know it alls


Pat Gilroy and Anthony Cunningham to take over Dublin senior hurlers.


Jaysus. Thats a strange one.

From the little insight we get on Cunningham he is not too far removed from Ger Cunningham


Not sure about that pairing. Both strike me as the types who like to have complete control.


I would imagibe Gilroy is a delegator


He is as evidenced with letting Mickey Whelan get on with the football coaching. However will Cunningham be happy to be kept out if the media side as I imagine Pat will want to manage that.


It’s Dublin hurlers, not Real Madrid mate.


The media aspect of Dublin GAA has been the hottest sports story for the past 10 days. It’s box office.




Lads kneeling down in America is the hot story right now


Well i suppose thats the kinda thing you discuss in a hotel in Mullingar really isn’t it?

As a clearly excellent leader i wpuld expect Gilroy to be all over it.

I think its quite exciting for Dublin regardless, even if there is an irony that the 2 Cunninghams have had somewhat similar stuff thrown at them.