GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


What do you think of the lixal reaction ti Kimmage?

Lads really embarrassing themselves. He is calling something for what it is. Now its not Dublins fault, its the GAA’s fault.

But he has the whole county up in arms.

Ir is it just the Hill 16 social media brigade?


Cunningham coached the laois footballers for a spell in 2016 did he not with little fanfare or hogging of limelight. Doubt it will be a complete shock for him and he is going in with a well defined role from Gilroy


He made it clear it was not for the long haul and wouldn’t continue. He did it as a favour to the players who were set to revolt at the sheer ineptitude of Lillis.


He was involved with Thomas Davis footballers too in Dublin earlier this year.


I haven’t heard one person mention it mate


Unlikely to hear it at the tennis club in fairness


Yes agreed


Bizarre rationale there tbf.

I think it’s a good fit for Dublin & shows character from Cunningham to go in as a selector / No2.


Pat and Tessio will be an excellent management team.

Not only might Dublin supporters turn up to some matches, but some of the players might turn up too.


Gilroy might be what Dublin need just now. They need someone who can try get everyone back together playing like Schutte, Cronin, Sutcliffe…

He proved himself with the football team in 2009 when he knocked all the bullshit and ego out of them. I have a feeling a few of those Dublin hurlers have a bit of that attitude about themselves.


Its not a rationale

Its pointing out a little irony



Whatever about Cunninghams weaknesses and stubborness, those lads showed themselves to be incredibly flaky


Comparing him to Ger Cunningham was gas all the same.


Anthony Cunningham?

The man who fell out with team mates while playing and afterwards?
The man who had a panel heave against him?
A man known to be as stubborn as a mule?

Nah, nothing like Ger Cunningham😂

You haven’t a clue what younare on about and again just arguing for the sake of it


John Sugrue and Eamon Kelly RATIFIED in Laois for next season.


Cork don’t need outsiders


There goes John Meyler’s prospects.


Word is Sully last man standing.

The rest rejecting resources issue


Happy days for everyone else if Sully gets the nod


Ya hard to know really.

Coaching is the key ingredient.

You will get away with Sully if the Coaching was top class.

However if it is someone from his vintage with the Donal Og/Donal O’Grady outlook then its fucked.