GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread



Do you think that means anything?

Faux solidarity with old management.

Then he can ring KK down the road and say “hey KK, they have nobody, i HAVE to do it”

Have you ever been involved in the GAA in your life???:joy::joy::joy:


Who would Frank like to see there?


Bob ryan


All my life…I can’t see how Cork in their right mind would give it to him he’d set Cork hurling back 10 years…what’s his management cv?


2 years u16 & Minor


But that kind of stuff never mattered to the CB before


Isn’t he after getting the stadium manager gig?


I was not serious.

But yes. Completely illegally as well.

And it seems the stadium should never have been open for the Waterford game and was a major health risk.

If this was Oz Ryan would have been arrested. No word of a lie


Ah feck


As I revealed would happen back on July 14th, Pete McGrath is the new manager of Louth.


Damian Lawlor has been appointed a selector with the Tipperary U20 football team. David Power (Manager).


Colin Kelly has been ratified as Westmeath manager.

Westmeath are 25 years without a native manager :eek:


Pete McGrath has got the Louth job


Louth 4 Sam


That’s mental


I may throw my hat in the ring for this Cork gig.


You might be a better fit for Frank’s job


God it would be great to have men who could manage a senior team cork will


ÉAMONN FITZMAURICE WILL continue in his role as Kerry football manager for the 2018 season, and may remain at the helm until 2020 as part of a three-year development plan proposed by the county board.