GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread




In 5 years time, he’ll have Clifford ready to wear a jersey between 17-24.


Hope Tessio knocks the Galway traitors on their holes next year.


Cc @GeoffreyBoycott


in the VFL?


Oh God no, he’ll be a broken wreck, shell of a man if that happens. The Oirish aren’t manly enough to cut it in the GAYFL.


He could actually end up setting them back a long way.

I have a feeling the players have lost some respect for him


I think a change is needed in Kerry too but I would disagree with the players losing respect for him.

If the players wanted him gone, he would be gone.


Maybe having doubts is a better line.

And its not in their culture to have an upheaval.

Their fitness and conditioning is highly questionable. I don’t think Fitzmaurice has a clue about it and very much is a coach who remembers how he was trained. Even to look at him, he was over weight playing senior IC.

And i think he took too much control after 2014

He also makes shocking decisions on bring players back. So many kerry players play big games with very little minutes played in that year. Key players too.


It was specifically set out in the official statement that was going to be increased focus on S and C over the period

It didnt mention if Cian O Neill was involved



Such as?

Donaghy in 2014?


Injured players.

Done this before, but Anthony maher played last years semi with virtually no football done.

What did that say to all the others?


I’m good at the long term predictions :wink:


It said that Anthony Maher was one of the two best midfielders in Kerry and that they needed him to have a chance of beating Dublin.

Maher lasted 58 minutes and Kerry were two points up when he went off.

His selection was more than justified.


It wasn’t. He was cleaned out.

Why did he fall out with Tommy Walsh?
Cian O’Neill?
Donaghy only to go back crawling? Twice.
Jack Sherwood?
James O’ Donoghue?

He has been exposed on fitness

Totally exposed by dublin playing Gooch centre forward.

Totally exposed by rochford this year.

Its pretty clear now he is a good Minor/Schoold Coach because he appeals to that age group with his approach. And 2014 looks more and more like O’Neills AI


He fell out with Donaghy, twice?


Or maybe the other way around. Donaghy retired at least once.

But this year was not as amicable as it appeared, i am led to believe…


That’s a bizarre rant.

You’ve clearly decided Fitzmaurice can do nothing right.

The results strongly suggest otherwise. Five seasons, five All-Ireland semi-finals, two All-Ireland finals, an All-Ireland, a League title, that’s a very good return for a county in serious transition.

You appear to believe to believe Kerry are the only team to pick players carrying injuries.

You must have missed Paul Flynn and Barry Cahill starting All-Ireland finals for Dublin when clearly not fully fit.

Diarmuid O’Connor has been carrying a hamstring injury for the last two years.

What does that say abut Jim Gavin, Pat Gilroy and Stephen Rochford?

Because whatever you say about Eamon Fitzmaurice, you’d have to also say about them.


Kerrys injuries and more importantly invansive operations far outweigh any other county i have any knowledge of.

He is the Kerry manager. You automatically, generally, get a good bunch of players. Getting to All Ireland semis is not how he is judged.

And none of those examples compare with James O’Donoghue, Maher or Darren Sull being brought in with fuck all game time


Kerry’s injury list was at its worst following the 2015 season. Cian O’Neill was just finishing up with Kerry at that stage. You’ve consistently praised O’Neill’s methods. So, how does that injury list after the 2015 championship square up with those methods? I know you’ll put all the blame on Fitzmaurice but it’s obvious you have an agenda against him where he can do no right.

Remember, Paul Galvin wrote a column in 2016 that he believed Kerry’s preparation methods had improved in 2016 from what they were in 2015. What was the difference?

O’Donoghue didn’t start the Mayo replay this year.

That was a big mistake on Fitzmaurice’s part. It was also a mistake which you presumably would have agreed with, and it considerably lessened their chances of winning, given that he was easily Kerry’s biggest threat when he came on in the second half.

The examples I gave are ones of players with chronic injuries which are clearly hampering their performances, playing through the pain barrier. So, for O’Donoghue, read Flynn or O’Connor.

But that’s what players at the top level do. They play to win and they are more than willing to play through injury to do that.

And they were continually picked by those managers.