GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Your ego is fucking disgusting


Paul galvin is Fitzmaurices brother in law you twaat. In all seriousness think about it.

Flynn and O’Connor in larticular had niggles and played multiple games when played.

Nothing whatsoever like players i mentioned.

And the Kerry players missing/laid up in 2015 were bexause they went for unecessary operations that were detrimental to their long term health due to the fact that Fitzmauruxe either did not have or did not listen to best advice. I know this for a fact.


Is this a Freudian analysis?


So Galvin isn’t allowed an opinion?

Kerry’s injury list in 2016 was considerably shorter than it was in 2015.

Flynn played the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons despite the dogs on the street in Dublin being able to see he was well below his previous level of performance due to injury. That was poor management from Gavin to keep picking the player, especially with multiple other options available.

Similar with Diarmuid O’Connor who has been below his 2015 form since at least mid-way through the 2016 season although I can see why O’Connor kept playing and Rochford kept picking him given Mayo’s poor panel depth.

I’d trust medical professionals and James O’Donoghue himself before somebody on the INTERNET as to my thoughts on whether his operations were necessary.

The same as with Cillian O’Connor and his operation.


I wouldn’t trust the professionals actually


Who was the best advice coming from Kev?


I’m not telling you that

All i will say is time and exercise would have solved most of them, but pressure was applied


And what the fuck would James O Donoghue know about it?


So an S&C coach?


And a physio and a surgeon. And a well know sports doctor.

More than 1 of each.


So Fitzmaurice ignored multiple S&C Coaches, Physios and Surgeons and a well known Sports Doctor and applied pressure on a player to get surgery anyway?

What kind of surgeon would undertake such a needless operation given the litigious nature of modern society?


Not all these people are directly involved. I would say he got medical encouragement from inside. Or medics were under pressure. Or player.

Hence my lack of trust.

The opinion of most others (and said doctor has written publically and maybe even influenced by these cases) was cometely not necessary.

Time, rehab and then good S&C would have them back fully. Slower bit tight.

They all to a man have had issues since.

Total disaster


Given that it’s his body, a lot, I’d say.


This is where your knowledge is exposed.

Most players have no clue whats going on


Sure they don’t.

And neither do medical professionals.


I think Kerry need to build a new team and it might take a few years, I don’t think that this is in Fitmaurices interests if he’s only staying around for the short term. They are waiting for Jack O Connor to come again


Ridiculous comment, totally beaten by a better panel of players with far more experience.


Diarmuid Connolly had no game time in 3 months and was brought in at ht in the final this year, Cian O’Sullivan played an all Ireland final with one functional hamstring, Cormac Costello had very little game time this year before his introduction in this year final


Kerry had a team of All Ireland winners you muppet


I am not so sure, it could be Peter Keane