GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Connolly and oSullivan played a world of football this year.
Maher has played maybe 4-5 games total in 2 years.

The attempts tobget him back stalled several times.

JOD and Darren O’Sull were out for seriously long periods.

There is absokutely no comparision in these examples.

Fitzmauruce has alot to change about himself for Kerry to move forward. This smokescreen of lack of facilities is hilarious


Re O;'Sullivan , I am not talking about this years final, I am talking about the one a few years back when his hamstring was gone. he started and did reasonably .

Kerry are not good enough to win the all Ireland last few years end of. Fitz did very well to get 2014 all Ireland with a dollop of a few breaks to assist. Kerry’s results in recent years reflect where they are - a few scores short of the standard Mayo and Dublin are at. It could take another 2 to 3 years for Kerry to win an all Ireland even if they had the great Cian O’Neill back. In the meantime Kildare have his services and sure he might emulate Micko’s feat of a few leinster titles with them!


Just out of interest, what was the last championship match for Kerry that Maher didn’t feature in?


Micko had a decidely easier opposition to deal with, as notable as those results were abd i am not taking away from it. But yet again, apples and oranges.

Sullivan played in that game on a strain. He had played plenty that year. He played well which is an indicator of how close to ok he was.

Maher hadn’t played well in 3 years


Whatever game they played before Dublin last year i think.


Strange because I looked at the match report for that Kerry v Clare quarter-final and saw Maher came on as a sub after 48 minutes. He has also featured at some stage in every single championship match Kerry played in 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as being involved in the majority of Kerry’s matches in the league in 2017.


Mates i was in the gym with him several times a week for the entire 2016. He played fuck all and had several set backs.

He did all his conditioning on a bike till allowed train on pitch.

So he had 22 mins (injured) before taking on the dubs.

He should bot have played any foitball that year.


This year? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

All their AI winners are well past the best ffs.


“Far more experience”

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His brother is doing a fine job with The Barrs Seniors


Maher took part in every championship match Kerry played in 2016, so he clearly had plenty of on-pitch training done.

Players who have surgery generally don’t do their rehabilitation playing football on a pitch.

You won’t find Jack McCaffrey playing much football in the next six or seven months but that doesn’t mean he won’t be playing football next August.


You have no idea what you are talking about.

Apples and oranges again.

You need at least 6 weeks of putch training to be properly prelared for Senior IC football without priper pre-season. Bike work is general conditioning 1.01, field running is general conditioning 1.02, COD is general conditioning 1.03, light specific conditioning training then may involve drills with ball is specific 1.01, then mini games and agility games is specific 1.02 and full game would be 1.03.

At the absokute minimum each of those takes a week, usually 2. I know this didn’t and rarely happens once summer comes in Kerry.

Maher played 24 mins before playing Dublin.

24 mins.

And got absolutely by passed, being kind.

Its a massive weakness in kerry. They do not prepare as well as other sides. They have generic s&c programs (i gave evidence here before), they rush players back, they run beaches thinking its “toughening them up”, they put players in injury compromising positions all the time.

The bottom line is when Cian o neill was there they integrated condition with the game plan and training. When he left, and i think this was ego driven and a reaction to the credit CON got inside and outside the camp, they changed alot of things. Fitzmaurice brought in lads he could control more. I listen to peoples language, the words they use and the patterns of comment. The message clearly was “Cian O’Neill had very little to do with us winning”. Maybe it was meant as a softening tactic as players were disappointed he was going, but it was a screen to mask either way.

He has been pummelled tactically a number of times now.

Like Jack O’Connor had Declan o’Sui an out on the field Fitzmauruce does not have that. His man was Mark O’Connor. And he is gone. Ultimately he was manager in 2014, so deservedly he gets the credit as he put it all together. But i think he has been cruelly exposed as not open minded enough since then. His decision to bring in liam hassett was mental apparently. I had no idea what he was like but my Listowel friends said it was a mad call, a local manager had over looked Liam for their Emmetts team. He was not up to it

Gavin and Rochford trust their men around him. Fitzmaurice clearly has trust issues


Em, you appear to be labouring under a misconception about what matches Maher was or was not involved in.

Maher played in all three of Kerry’s championship matches before the 2016 semi-final against Dublin.

He was playing championship football two and a half months before that All-Ireland semi-final and played right through to August.


And i know he was laid up after each game and had massive set backs and did nowhere near the required training.

24 mins in prep for Dublin. Shit management


Again, you labour under the same misconception.


What misconception.
Why are you arguing with someone who knows what haplened?

I have said from the start, that Mahers total game time totalled 4-5 games. I know this because i discussed it with him while he was cycling away. It was always in my head. I could not remember exactly how it panned out but i knew it was very low and did not change tok much before ir adter either. He certainly never got back to form

The whole debate anyway is that Fitzmaurice has been exposed as no more than an average manager who has made massive mistakes


The misconception that Maher only played in one match.

He played in all of Kerry’s 2016 championship matches.

James McCarthy spent close to two months out with injury before that 2016 semi-final and still played.

That. by your logic, was poor management by Jim Gavin.

Fitzmaurice has made mistakes, sure he has.

Can you name me a manager that hasn’t?

I can name at least two that have made terrible mistakes - Jim Gavin and Stephen Rochford.

That doesn’t mean both aren’t good managers.


Not with the consistency and stubborness of Fitzmaurice.

And James McCarthy played because he went through a correct protocal. McCarthy was on the field for a couple of weeks before that.

Maher did not.

Plus Gavin has the advantage of having a strong B team which means the process is fluid. Kerry do not have that. And i cannot remember exactly which game, think it was Clare semi final in Munster, Maher had only got on the field on the thursday night. And was then used. For no reason at all.


I can name a lot more mistakes that Gavin has made than ones Fitzmaurice has, and that’s while working with a considerably better hand in terms of players.

I don’t think you quite get what inter-county football is. It’s not a health and recovery spa. It’s an arena of war where players will do whatever they have to do to play.


The point is most of Fitzmauruces gambles have backfired

Very rarely happens too often to the real best managers.

He is not a top manager