GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Who is this Mark O’Connor man you refer to ??


Are you for real?


I thought Gavin got seriously lucky in this years final and this along with the quality of some of his players bailed him which saved him in the post match analysis

starting o gara and then looking at him moping around the field for a full half with Connolly, mcmenamen, Costello etc on the bench was a fairly big mistake.


I agree with this and thought it was the first sign of real ego with Gavin.
It was clearly his millitary training clouding what is essentially a civilian decision.

However sometimes our strengths can be our weaknesses. I’m sure he learned.

I had a higher value on fitzmaurice 2 years ago. But i don’t think he is learning


Declan O’Sullivan was Jack O’Connor’s man with the teams he has trained in recent times in and out of the field with instructions

This is the role Liam Hassett plays for the seniors with Fitzmaurice so given that Mark O’Connor is in the same paragraph I was assuming you were referring to backroom team members

But now I take it you are referring to Mark O’Connor who hasn’t kicked a ball at senior inter county level and scarcely a senior county championship game - Maher would beat in on game time minutes!

He is Australia and I don’t know many 20 year old midfielders dominating and dictating on the pitch come the last 4 in the championship?


Thought Dublin were haunted to get away with it

poor mayo shooting , Vaughan’s red card and the brilliance of Connolly and McMenamen upon introduction saved him


My point is as well though that i do not think Fitzmaurice would admit his fuck up as quick.

Gavin dealt with it at h-t


Thats not the point. He would have become that player possibly.

He was that man at school


Kevin Martin set to be new Offaly hurling manager. Great appointment.


The rumour of Conor Counihan to wexford is getting stronger. Is he involved in club action still?


Fairly sure he’s involved with Aghada in some form but not too onerous I’d say

He’d be a great appointment


No he wouldn’t.

Christ almighty are people not learning anything.

He was behind tge game 7 years ago when Cork finally won. The sheer quality of player won it.

There is a reason he was not inundated wwith offers at club level.

Nice man and a good man manager. But who coaches? And what style?


He won an all Ireland with a terrible team who regularly shat their pants on the big stage in Croke Park.


That wasn’t a terrible team, there wasn’t much competition admittedly in 10 but they were the best out there. It was a soft all Ireland but deserved


Is he nuts?


It was fairly poor team to be honest (relative to other champions). Definitely the weakest team to win it since Donegal in 92 and was probably weaker than that if truth be told.


Again mate, it’s all relative, poor in relation to the current Dublin team yes, in relation to the current Tyrone team no.
They were the best team in Ireland that year, they hadn’t much competition in fairness. It was a soft all Ireland for that reason certainly


The Cork team that won in 2010 was the weakest champion of the past 25 years. I don’t think any knowledgeable GAA man would try and argue otherwise.


They played with a negative manager and a poor coach. They literally played in handcuffs

That Cork team could have done close to what Dublin have achieved in the right hands


I wouldn’t agree with that at all.