GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread


You’re utterly mental.

They were bang average.


Absolutely any Kerryman i ever spoke to on the subject disagrees.

Again you only see whats out on the pitch so i xannot expect you tonunderstand preperation of teams etc when you have no insight or experience


You are an idiot.

Its actually a generation ago.

Would you bring back Micko?


He’s a poor junior soccer player mate, you’d hardly expect much more


Why did Kerry always beat Cork when it matter if Cork were that good?

The fact is they were fairly average with a very soft underbelly.


Micko would be an improvement on what we had last year.

That Cork team had at least 3-4 players on it who were incapable of kicking a football. It was more a lack of natural ability rather than handcuffs


Teams are only judged by what they do on the pitch.


Not their potential or the possibikites though. We can talk about it forever


I always felt there was more in them when Counihan was over them. They completely regressed once he walked away though. In the fullness of time, maybe Counihan didn’t get enough credit for getting a flakey side over the line.


Kerry had one of the best generations of players ever at the time as well.

And Cork were under prepared.

Cork won the AI despite of the coaching, not because of it


Aidan Walsh, Pearse O’Neill, Ger Spillane, Paudie Kinsella, Alan O’Connor, Nicholas Murphy, Fintan Goold and Graham Canty are just some of the players who struggled to kick the ball.


They had 5 retirements 18 months later and they lost ciaran sheehan and paddy kelly who were critical to it all


Who was the lad who kicked the ball straight to Donaghy in '07? Alan Quirke was it?


Walsh, Gould and Kissane were all good kickers of the ball.

Walsh is a perfect example of the brutal ruination of players by Peadar Healy (then coach)and counihan


Kerry got their fill of it at that time from Ulster teams, they were eliminated from the Championship by Tyrone (2003, 2005 and 2008), Armagh (2002) Down (2010) and Donegal (2012). Cork had loads of opportunities but ultimately weren’t good enough.

A coach can only do so much.


@Nembo_Kid said that Cork 2010 were the weakest team of the last 25 years.

You said that “you only see what’s on the pitch”.

Why on earth would anybody take anything other than what happens on the pitch into account when ranking teams against each other?

I think Clive Woodward tried to do that after the 2005 Loins tour.


A good coach can improce an experienced aide around 5 %. A bad one can regress them alot alot more


Stephen Cluxton.


Walsh is a prime example of a lad who can’t kick the ball. If you’re saying he’s a good kicker then I would have to say you are making yourself even more of a lunatic.


Indeed, and those lads won an All Ireland.