GAA Managerial Merrygoround Thread




Kissane kicked a few lovely points from the 45 in a drawn game in Killarney in 2010 I think it was.


Cork gave a couple of unvelievably memorable performances in 09/10 and just came up short. V. Tyrone and Dublin in particular.

All ye gobshites remembering the 1 game.

Classic confirmation bias


Kissane was a lovely foot passer and scorer, it’s an idiot would suggest he couldnt kick.


Of course he did

Nemo is a gobshite.

Kissane was a brilliant footballer. Lacked some change in pace. But that was it


There was nothing particularly memorable about Cork’s performance against Dublin in 2010. Dublin handed them the game. Cork were outscored 1-12 to 0-7 from play.

Cork were probably better in 2009 than in 2010 but they came up well short in the final.


He was absolutely unbelievable kicker untill he spent 2 ywars with healy.

In an u21 final as an 18 yr.old he gave an exhibition of kicking from no.6.

Only recently i saw him kick 3 outragous points. A 65 off the ground. 1 outside left, 1 outside right.

If he gets a run he will be a top player again. Ronan Mac is the man for him


Well short? They led gor alot of it. Tactically counihan was exposed.

The come back v. Dublin was legendary. Amazing balls and outrageous forward play.


He’s either a good kicker or not a good kicker.

Since he came into the Cork senior team, he has been ridiculed for his kicking ability.


Cork 2010 or Kerry 2014. Both only won All-Irelands because the real top dogs of the time were taken out unexpectedly by other teams.

Kerry 1997 were poor champions too.


Incorrect. He had one very bad day and its been a pkint of reference ever since


16 scores to 10. Cork were well beaten despite getting a great start.

It’s legendary precisely nowhere outside of a few places in West Cork. Ross McConnell handed a limited Cork team that match.


Some of Cork’s attempts at shots in the first half of the 2010 final were literally laugh out loud stuff.


Nope, he has had many of them.

He struggles to kick the ball.

Coaching has little to do with it, players should be able to practice kicking the ball themselves.


Oh FFS. It’ll really kick off now.


Too stupid to deal with


It’s Dublin hurlers you are referring to I presume.?


No footballers.
If set up was right you would have no choosing of hurling and you would have got the best out of them.

Daniel Goulding wouldn’t be next or near the team.
It would be built around guys like Kelly, Sheehan and Donnacha. Play Shields no.6,8 or 11 and Cork would have been far different.

They wasted 5 Munster u21 titles and a hell of alot more.

Thats without getting into resources and them being treated worse than County minor Hurlers

I’m sure you can appreciate the psychological aspect of the comfort and positivity around the Dublin team


Banty back to his roots in Monaghan, taking over the county minor team.


Might work well in a county that has an embedded s&c program.

D school guys are still needed, its just finding the right spot for them