Gaa split season,killing Meath football since 2011

I’ve a massive issue with this round robin.

16 teams to 12 is a joke.

Then you’ve 2 v 3 which are ok games but none are on tv.

Presume 4 quarter finals are on Rte and they’ll be woeful games because the players are invariably wrecked from the games the previous week.

So you are turning 1/4 finals into terrible games which is awful for the promotion of sport.



But the GAA is making a hames of that point.

And the other bit that irks me vis a vis pricing and so on is that they(we?!) have €130m in cash and cash equivalents , made a surplus of over €6m in 2023 and yet we’re increasing prices.

It’s not very nice so it’s not.

And there is nothing more soul destroying in sport than tuning into or turning up at a game you expect to be competitive and it’s obvious after ten minutes it’s not going to be competitive due to one team being absolutely wrecked tired.

It also leads to injuries.

2 on GoGo but on the basis of last year’s quarter-finals it might be a case of Wake Me Up.

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I need to do up a list of live telly GAA games that were a disastrous advertizzment (as they say in Clare) for the GAA.

I think €12 to watch a match that I cannot get to and would not be on RTE anyways is hardly too pricey

I am tired of all the whinging about GAAGO

We have never had more opportunity to see so many matches across platforms but people seem to think that this should come cost free because they were good volunteers at grassroots level

I was in an adult dressing room last night where a lad was whinging that his auld lad couldnt see Cork v Limerick and fuck the GAA

I told him pony up the €12 for his auld lad to watch it, he theN said his auld lad doesnt even know how to turn on the television, I told him hook it up for the auld lad - oh I wasnt around to hook it up for him, I asked him if he is on terms with his neighbours and he replied yes and I said I am sure if he explained it to them , one of them would nip in to sort it close to throw in - oh I couldnt ask the neighbours

I then said sure the local pub have it, the pub is 2 pucks of a ball from his house and the auld lad is capable of walking, still in good health and could manage fine for a hour or two in the local - there was some other bush for that gap


12 euro is expensive for something that in many areas can crash at any stage and even on a good night will still be a few minutes behind real time.

A few people i know got texts after the Tipp v Waterford match saying “lucky to get the draw there” while on their laptops the game was still only in the 68th minute.

Streaming is just wrong for Live Sport. If the Premier League moved away from Sky/BT, there’d be anarchy and nobody would watch.

Put GoGo on the Sky box and be done with it.


“Live streaming is the future of sport” is one of the great know nothing cliches.

Live, free to air television is still very much where it’s at.

point taken on the quality of the streaming

Who has a sky box and sub these days?

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I don’t have an issue with €12 in isolation.

But I think ticket prices this year was inappropriate.

In fact they should be dropping the ticket prices in Leinster to see can they get someone to go.

Odd conversation mate

Is this how muldoons communicate?

When has that happened?

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Dublin v mayo last year in the football championship. Clare v Kilkenny in the hurling championship in 2022.

Tipp v Waterford last year was another example in the Munster round robin albeit that wasn’t soul destroying it was amusing and I made a packet of money off it.

This fella is a dangerous cunt.

Give him your thoughts and he doesn’t agree he’d turn on ya. A clown.


He hates hurling.

He blocked the gobshite because he was sick of the whinging he was doing :joy::joy::joy:

They would be better off to ask the Joe Mcdonagh winners to play a challenge/exibition match against a selection of standout hurlers from Joe Mc, Rackard, Ring, Meagher sides and give them a bit of limelight as the curtain raiser on the big day.