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Going well in Cobh

An awful game but we’ve taken the only real chance so far and scored a free-kick outta nathin.

We’ve had false dawns before but Oliver Horgan seems to have them a bit more organised so far this year.

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Oliver is some man

7/7 going well. Did ya travel?


Only question is what season will GUFC actually drop some points again? I’m thinking ‘25/‘26.

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Probably when they go bust again

This isnt parnells gga mate

Billionaires own Galway

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I wasn’t unfortunately but a mighty win. Ya hate to see the bit of promotion optimism coming back with all the hardship we’ve endured. That cunt Caulfield will break our hearts again yet.

The invinshibles

3 up away to Wexico 85 mins gone. Looking like 8 from 8

Oliver is the smartest man in Irish association soccer

When’s JC back?

He’s only an imaginary associate from Roscommon now. Doesn’t exist.

The Galway train steams on.

Fucking unrale…

Can anyone give us a game?

Huge shoutout to the 20 Bray lads who sat through the full 90

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Kerry had to import some coddler for commentary and he made that Jonathan Higgins sound like prime-Ó Muircheartaigh by comparison.

Only caught last half-hour but they bullied Kerry.

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There’s no stopping us. Even Galway United won’t find a way to fuck up promotion from here.

A sellout tonight. If any sunshine GUFC TFKers try taking my spot in the old stand they’ve the benefit of a short stroll to UCG A&E.

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