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Early doors yet. We’ve burnt out after good starts before.

I want a teaspoon of what he’s on

What a gigantic Monday night match for GUFC. Same side as last Friday with KOS leading the line.

All Galway for 15 minutes and Shels score with literally their first attack of the match.

Horgan got torn asunder by Jarvis there.

Sold himself by diving in. Should have just stood off him.

Bar McCarthy and Dervin and to an extent McCormack, the rest could have waited at the Applegreen for the bus home. Dervin pretty pissed at being subbed, rightly so I think

Be no harm for these lads to get a win for a change tonight. Slumping nicely into the relegation mixer with those hipster cunts to play on Monday too.

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Roll on Monday now :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Huge night for Caulfield’s commandos. Hopefully we keep the same team as the last day and bring on Walshy when legs are tired.

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best of luck tonight guys


I’m already in Sligo and it called off ffs

Ahh ffs.
Go surfing

The campaign to start Wassim and Karl O’Sullivan up top starts in this thread. Walshy was woeful again and Waterford were there for the taking.

Big time. Big Clarkey saved us at the end but I thought we had the better 2nd half overall. Dunno why McCarthy was replaced. Good to see Dervin on but…did Borden have a touch bar one defensive header?

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Borden has gone missing at this level. Hurley is very similar too. The long ball from 2 years ago didn’t need a return.

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United employing the innovative strategy of attempting to stay in the top flight of Irish football without actually scoring any goals.

It’s gas because they’re pretty solid in defense and have an excellent keeper but they’re at sea everywhere else. Wassim back is a big boost but he’s not going to bring much firepower as he’s a linkman.

I’d say feelers are being sent to Sean Maguire for the summer.

Super performance throughout last night. Clarke and back 4 solid. Borden actually played a bit of football. Walshy and Hurley put themselves about. McCormack being a real general, McCarthy class but Dervin MotM was outstanding. The move for our goal was top notch. Goes to show what they are capable of and they were unlucky not to have the 2nd goal and possibly a 3rd. A lot of energy used with a short turn around for Monday night but :crossed_fingers:they can keep up that sort of work rate and effort.
JC on the line :heart: