Galway v Clare


Commiserations to Clare. Our hearts go out to them.


Hang on there, would you have him off the team altogether :open_mouth:


Ah I’d play him alright, not sure where though


What a privilege it is to support this Galway team. Murdered out there for the last two years and two final appearances in a row. Fair paly to Clare, wonderful contest over the two days and no one would begrudge you a win today. Outstanding from both teams. :clap: :clap:

Hon Galway!!!


Clare lads going metal on the train back :smile:


A mad crowd.




Limerick city’s urban sprawl in evidence here ?


Animals. Wouldnt see the likes of it in Mississippi


I dunno. Thought this at the start of the year but as it’s gone on you’d have to wonder. They’re getting the job done but it’s not near as convincing as it should be for the power they have on the field. It’s looking like they can’t adjust when they’re shut down.


Small margins. Them the breaks. Best of luck to Galway, they have some excellent hurlers and leaders.


I wouldn’t be overly disappointed if I was a Clare man. There is plenty to improve on there and ye have a fine panel of players.


Will only benefit from the experience of this year. Take Touhy and Conlon out of it and the rest of the players who played today are 25 and under. Still think we are a couple of players off in the middle third. Kelly had a poor game today but there were a couple of lads who were completely anonymous today and made no impact.

For all that Cathal Malone is limited and not really rated by the Clare fans I doubt David Burke would have hurled as much ball as he did if Malone had started.


We need Donal and Gerry I think we have s team


You were calling them useless a couple of months back


I was wrong


Congrats to you anyway Joe, you finally got the prediction right :smiley:


Galway for Liam


Very magnanimous indeed, pal. Galway’s brute force, size and ignorance gave them a massive head start in both games, but as each game progressed and you drew them out of position, forced their giraffes to turn and move, got them out of their one dimensional comfort zone and tilted the contests into actual hurling matches rather than tests of strength you absolutely destroyed them. It’s a really sickening loss for Clare, I imagine, having convincingly been the better team but Galway win ugly yet again. They truly are a team who could only possibly be admired within their own county. Horrible to watch. I think all hurling followers will be hoping Limerick do the business against them.


It will really sicken your hole when Joe gets HOTY again.