Gigs coming up


You will surely put us on the guest list?

Is that festival that the national organise on in Cork this weekend or something


That’s a disappointment mate.


I’ll record some of it for you if it means that much to you, mate.


No thanks.


I dunno, they won’t be my cup of tea either but a few of the hits like Livin On A Prayer or Always would be good in a small venue like that


I’m getting in free, mate – I haven’t heard any of Bon Iver’s stuff since their second album so i’m not sure how they faring out. Their early stuff was decent.


I thought only sappy college girls liked Bon iver?


I couldn’t tell you mate, I even said I’ve not heard of them in a number of years… It should be a great gig tho.


Why should it?


Because it’s a secret gig… in an old church, silly. I doubt anything will top it on Irish soil in 2’17.


Depends on how many yokes you take i suppose.


How did that gig turn out @ChocolateMice, this new festival looks decent enough for Cork in September.


Short and sweet – it was two of Bon Iver with two from the National playing a few experimental tracks - only about 40 mins but Bon Iver were playing in the Opera house two hours later…

Yeah good buzz around - I was talking to Cillian Murphy in Triskel who was in town for the festival - he was opening a show in the triskel earlier. But Lot’s of shows spread around town.


Lovely, Cillian was always a nice fella, brilliant musician as well and hugely into music.


He was with another mate who still lives local - also into music - Bob I think was his name — they were admiring the art work of local artist Paul McKenna up on the walls — Cork is great.


That festival has been going for a few years now.

Apparently last night’s Bon Iver show and tonight’s National show are streaming live


Bob Jackson was in Cillians old band Sons of Mr Green Genes, He wrote the book about the Doctor from Castletownbere who was in the Japanese POW camp.


It’s getting bigger year on year, I’d have headed down tonight only I’ve a christening to attend early tomorrow.


I was chatting to Bob for a bit. A sound enough chap…


you going to this bud? will be savage