Gigs coming up


I won’t pal. Never really floated my boat although one or two tracks I have enjoyed such as Piano Man.

The killers, the stereophonics and Ed sheeran are on the calendar so far.


Taking my daughter to see Ed in Vienna in August. by the time I got around to booking one of his two nights in Wwa it was sold out. Only a five hour drive from here and Vienna is nice anyways.


This is in my head now


i just bought myself a ticket for Octave One live


You will enjoy that. A trip away to see a gig is what memories are made of.

Got Noel Gallagher tickets too for Dublin. Liam had sold out.


Gonna try get tickets but prob won’t be able, ticket master cunts.


Ticketmaster cunts.


Sold out in seconds.


Yep. They’ll be on seatwave now for 200. The sooner they bring in legislation to deal with touts the better.


I have managed to get a free ticket to the Breeders in Vicar Street on Monday night week.

I also was offered a ticket for Grizzly Bear last night but I haven’t a clue of any of their stuff so I passed.


Went to see Sting last night. Thankfully he didn’t play much of his new record, stuck to the hits. It was grand.


So he did Englishman in New York and the fields of gold and fucked off?


Did he play any of the Police stuff?


A lot. I thought he retired all those after the last Police tour.,


If anyone wants a presale code for anything in the 3arena then feel free to drop me a PM. I more than likely wont be needing it!


Did he play any of the early stuff. I liked the early stuff.


Opened with synchronicity Ii. Will put up the set list later

  1. Heading South on the Great North Road (before the son’s set)
  2. Synchronicity II
  3. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
  4. Spirits in the Material World
  5. Englishman in New York
  6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  7. Mad About You
  8. Fields of Gold
  9. Shape of My Heart
  10. Petrol Head
  11. She’s Too Good for Me
  12. Message in a Bottle
  13. Ashes to Ashes
  14. Walking on the Moon
  15. So lonely
    16, Desert Rose
    17, Roxanne
    Encore 1
  16. Next to you
  17. I can’t stop thinking about you
  18. Every Breath you take
    Encore 2
  19. Fragile

Business like, played for about 1 hour 40 minutes. Minimal chit chat. No “saving the planet” shite like you’f get from Bono.

Himself, two guitars, drummer, his son doing backing vocals and some little cunt with a squeeze box.


I like So Lonely


Hope that’s not mood music.