Gigs coming up


It’s grand. You’ll be able to hear them if they’re playing on the other side of the road. Disintegration is a great album.


Yes. I always found then twee and irritating.


Anyone going to the gig?


The Cure? Are you pulling my chain?


They’re a pop band mate, seems like they had a few hits in the old days, nothing as big as Shotgun though.


hit the diff


Might go myself. Have seen them a few times

Waterford’s Katie Kim is supporting which is a bonus


Last time I saw then was in Cypress Avenue and she supported them as well. She was pretty good.


Cc @Bandage


‘World tour’ :rofl:


Tickets secured to The Cure for 8 June 2019, Malahide Castle.

A decent band, but Prevention were probably better.


Tickets secured for me and the fam for George Ezra. A long distance driving fav.


Giorgio Moroder 3 Arena April 2019


Your best entry to this thread in quite some time bro.


The Gloaming NCH March.


I didn’t think you were a fan of those middle class heroes bro?


I am. I confessed to that before.


Middle class heroes? :grin:


Yes that’s from farmer the working class accountant


That’s him … the fella that only drinks Guinness from pubs with sawdust and dog shit on the ground and where the glasses are spit cleaned …